New 2023 Valorant Patch 5.12 – Full Updates Details

The community has long requested significant Chamber nerfs, and the next Valorant patch 5.12 will bring them. Additionally, Riot will provide details about the map rotation, and we might get a tool to report smurfs in the game. Aside from this, Valorant’s agents and weaponry will soon get a significant number of meta-shaking balancing changes. Along with a new skyline being added to the store, a number of bug patches will also be applied. You can read the whole Valorant patch 5.12 patch notes that Riot has released below.

Valorant Patch Notes 5.12 UPDATE ON AGENTS

After a fantastic Game Changers Championship, professional play is about to enter its offseason, so we’re using this as an opportunity to make some general adjustments as well as tweaks to specific Agents. The Agent Ultimates with substantial, site-wide footprints now have higher point prices. These modifications ought to lessen their general frequency and boost strategic counterplay in their direction.

Valorant Patch Notes 5.12

We have tuned the Agent ability economics in addition to the Ult modifications. The problems covered in this pass are unanticipated power in relation to the cost of the ability, Agents with limited alternatives for purchasing pistol rounds, and total loadout costs that are outliers (for their particular roles). We’ve taken a look at the overall updates in order to pass over the game’s destructible items’ HP.

We increased the health of 1hp destructible so they are not instantly vaporized—but can still be destroyed by one-shot in most circumstances—because the enemy utility is now damaged by damage-over-time area abilities like Brimstone’s Incendiary and Viper’s Snakebite (read more in the Gameplay Systems Updates). Additionally, Killjoy’s Lockdown gains more health to lessen the number of abilities that can take it out on their own. On the other hand, Boombox and Prowlers’ health has been decreased because it was felt that, given their other strengths, they require firing too many bullets.


  • Rolling Thunder (X)
  • Increased Ultimate Points: 7 >>> 8


Headhunter (Q)

  • Stability Curve updated.
  • After the second bullet, upon spamming, the spread grew. This is specifically intended to minimize low-precision body-shot spam as a useful battle strategy.

Rendezvous (E)

  • Now that it is within its range, Chamber puts a single anchor that can be reached by teleportation.
    • Radius grew from 7.5>>> 13 meters.
  • Removed the height restriction for teleport activation
  • If you are within its radius and are on a different verticality, you can teleport to the Anchor.
  • The time to equip a weapon after teleporting is longer, 0.4 >>> 0.7 seconds.
  • This modification has no effect on Headhunter.
  • Instead of being put on a cooldown, the Rendezvous teleport anchor is now permanently disabled after being destroyed.
  • When Chamber recalls his Anchor after teleporting, he no longer experiences an additional cooldown.
  • Health declined by 80 >>>50.

Trademark (C)

  • Now, the trap’s range is limited.
  • When Chamber travels outside of the range, Trademark will turn off and then turn back on.
  • Can now be recalled in the middle of a round without a 30-second line-of-sight cooldown.
  • Destruction is irreversible.
  • Initial Arm Time went up by 2 >> 4 seconds.
  • Health rose by 1>> 20.

Tour de Force (X)

  • The fire rate fell by 57.5%.


  • Both Trademark and Tour de Force fall under this.

Decreased Duration 4s>>6s


Trapwire (C).

  • Health improved by 1 >>> 20s



  • Health dropped by 100 > 60.


We’re back with more miniature Harbor aficionados. We anticipate that these adjustments will make it simpler for Harbor to maintain their vision block for the length necessary to complete execution with their team while also offering wall smoke duration that is on par with Viper. It is challenging to adapt to a new Controller smoke type. We’ll keep an eye on Harbor’s power and see whether we need to make any additional waves. Chalo!

  • Large Tide (E).
  • Increased duration: 12s >>> 15s.
  • Time increased from 5 to 7 seconds.


  • ZERO/POINT (E) (E)
  • Increased health 1 >>> 20
  • NULL/
  • CMD (C)
  • Ultimate Points rose from 7 >>> 8


  • Lockdown (X)
  • Increased health by 150 >>> 200
  • Nanoswarm (C)
  • Increased health for 1 >>> 20


  • paranoia (Q):
  • Reduced cost of 300 >>> 250


  • Blaze C
  • The cost dropped from 200 >>150.


  • Bot Boom (C).
  • Health dropped by 100 >> 60.

Brutal Pack

  • Health exceeded 1>>20.


Sage’s strengths will be slightly modified to emphasize defense of the territory she governs and aiding allies rather than offensive utility. By making trade-offs for playing Sage aggressively and relying on self-healing, we hope the heal upgrade will increase her strength and satisfaction while fully healing others.

Obstacle Orb (C).

  • Fortify delay grew from 3.0 >>> 3.3 seconds.

Recovery Orb (E).

  • Self-healing capacity overall decreased by 30HP >>> 60HP.
  • Total ally healing raised by 60HP >>> 100HP.

Recon Bolt SOVA (E).

  • Health improved by one >>> 20.


  • Trailblazer (Q) (Q).
  • The cost went up by 250 >>> 300.
  • Regrowth (C) (C).
  • The cost dropped from $200 >>> $150.


Viper’s ability to play outside the smoke region of her ultimate has us reeling. These adjustments will strengthen Viper’s connection to her ultimate and make coordinated retakes against Viper’s Pit more effective.

Snake Pit (X).

  • Me for smoke integrity renewal 5.0 >>> 25.0.
  • Maximum time spent smoke-free decreased by 15.0 >>> 8.0.
  • Total points needed: 7 >> 8.\s


  • Gatecrash(E).
  • Health dropped by 100 >> 60.
  • Cost fell by 200 >>> 150.
  • Which is that? It appears that numerous Agents are in The Range analyzing some significant mission updates.


A player will still receive an assist for depuffing a killed target during the “grace period” known as assist tails after a debuff has expired.

  • Nearsighted, Detained, and Concussion.
  • Help tail lengthened by 2 >>. 3 seconds.
  • Leave Smokes.
  • Increased assistance tail 1s > 2s.


  • Increased assistance tail 1s > 2s.


  • New 3s assist tail added.

Valorant Patch Notes 5.12 Updates on Damage Interaction

Now, any opponent objects that may take damage will be damaged by abilities that deal damage. Skye Trailblazer and Cypher Trapwire, which solely harm players, are exceptions.

We want to make sure that interactions between skills are uniformly consistent across the board. Instead of first questioning if you can, we want you to spend some time considering how to approach utility in-game.



We believed that the Spectre was outperforming other options on partial buys at medium to long ranges.

  • revised distances and added a third damage range to the Spectre. The new ranges and damage for body shots are 0-15m, 26 damage.
  • 15-30 minutes, 22 damages
  • 30m+, 20 harm
  • As a point of reference, the previous damage ranges were: 0-20m and 26 damage.
  • 20+ m, 22 harm.



Playable in Swiftplay Beta from December 6 until January 10, 2023. Please join in, assist us in testing this new game mode, and provide us with your thoughts!

  • A condensed version of the usual 5v5 Unrated mode:
  • Winning conditions: first to five rounds, four rounds of half-Spike mode.
  • Single carrier for spikes.
  • Set Credits awarded at the beginning of the round total
  • 800,
  • 2400,
  • excluding the 600c bonus for the victorious gun.
  • \s4250.
  • Supported Weapon and Credit Rollover +600 Credit Bonus for Winning Pistol Round
  • Bonuses for Standard Kills (+200c) and Spike Plants (+300c)
  • The first two Ultimate points of each half are awarded.
  • Unexpected death over time
  • There will be a 15-minute match.


  • Fixed a problem where Phoenix, after dying during Run It Back while decayed, would not be decayed by Viper for a short while. (Thanks, Iyerfire for the report.)
  • The problem where Cypher couldn’t install Trapwires on the glass panels next to the yellow crate on Icebox has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Cypher’s tripwires might be set off by opposing spycams or turrets.
  • Fixed an issue where Chamber’s Rendezvous teleport anchor was unaffected by enemy knives.
  • Boombot’s explosion upon coming into contact with Yoru’s Gatecrash beacons has been fixed.

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