Happy Thanksgiving Day 2022: 50+ Quotes, Wishes And Images To Share With Family


24 November, Happy Thanksgiving Day 2022: History, Importance, Activities, and More.! Thanksgiving, which is celebrated every November on this same fourth Thursday in November, was first observed in America in the 1500s, became mythologized in 1621, and was even kept afloat during the darkest days of the Civil War (November 24, 2022). No other nonsectarian festival has possibly more traditions. Thanksgiving, a rare festive holiday without a set gift-giving component, has come to be associated with family, friends, meals, and football. The day encourages each of us to express gratitude for the possessions we already have.


The origins of Thanksgiving Day 2022

The Pilgrims are not necessarily where this tale begins. Evidence suggests that in the late 1500s, Spanish explorers and colonists celebrated Thanksgiving in what is now Florida as well as New Mexico. As early as 1607, Thanksgivings were celebrated in what would become the Commonwealth of Virginia, with the first peaceful residence of Jamestown hosting one in 1610.

Thanksgiving Day


The Pilgrims, or Plymouth settlers, did not reach the New World until ten years later. Following their initial harvest in 1621, they held three days of festivities at Plymouth. The meeting featured 90 Native Americans and all 50 Mayflower passengers (of the 100 who had arrived). Along with their young daughters as well as other slaves, the four adult female Pilgrims who made it through their initial winter in the Age Of exploration prepared the feast.


A Revolutionary Period

The Continental Congress designated one or even more thanksgiving days annually during the war, urging the governors of the several states to observe these days in their territories on each occasion. The revolutionary soldiers’ commander, George Washington, declared a Thanksgiving holiday in December 1777 as just a victory celebration commemorating the British triumph at Saratoga.


From 1774 until 1789, the Congress, the country’s legislative body, declared a number of “national days of prayers, humiliation, as well as thanksgiving.” This would later show itself in the now-established Thanksgiving and National Day in the Prayer celebrations in America.


Elias Boudinot, a congressman from New Jersey, suggested in 1789 that perhaps the House and Senate petition President Washington to declare a day of thanksgiving in honor of “the many manifest mercies of Almighty God.” Washington then established the first Thanksgiving Day that was decreed by the American government. “Now therefore I do propose and designate Thursday, the 26th day during November following, to be devoted either by People of the Three States to the adoration of that great and wonderful Being, who serves as the beneficent Creator of all the good which was, that is, that will also be,” it stated in part. For many years, there would be no consistent holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2022 Wishes

  • “Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Messages 2022…”
  • “May your Thanksgiving be full of peace, love, and joy…”
  • “Happy turkey day! I wish you the best time with your family and friends, as the holiday fills your home with warmth and laughter. Enjoy the feasting Thanksgiving 2022 Messages…”
  • “Sending along warm wishes for a holiday spent surrounded by the people who make life worth living…”
  • “Hoping you have a Thanksgiving holiday full of laughter, cheer, and satisfied tummies!
  • “Cheers to a bountiful harvest of blessings, good health, and happy memories Happy Thanksgiving Day Messages…”
  • “Happy Thanksgiving! May the autumn glow and delicious harvest of the season bring you happiness and prosperity…”

Civil War Period

In 1863, President Lincoln established November 26—the last Thursday of the month—as National Thanksgiving Day. The proclamation was written by William H. Seward, Secretary of State, and it stated:

“Peace has been maintained with all nations, the request has been maintained, these same laws have been treated with respect as well as obeyed, and unity has prevailed everywhere other than in the theater of military conflict. This is despite the fact that the civil war is of unprecedented magnitude and severity and that at times it has appeared to foreign Governments to invite and provoke their aggression.


I thus ask all of my fellow Americans, even those at sea as well as those sojourning abroad, to set aside and mark the very last Thursday every November next as a time of thanksgiving as well as praise to our kind Father who resides in the heavens.


Since then, Thanksgiving has been celebrated in the US.

Future presidents adopted Lincoln’s practice of designating Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November each year. However, Franklin D. Roosevelt chose to celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November in 1939 as opposed to the fifth. FDR reasoned that moving Thanksgiving forward would help the nation emerge from the Great Depression by allowing retailers more time to sell products before Christmas. The fourth Thursday of each month is a federal holiday under a law that was passed in 1942.

Thanksgiving Day USA 2022

In fact, to help you show your appreciation to all the important people in your life this Thanksgiving, See’s has designed shareable “Thank You” cards.

It is obvious that this year’s Thanksgiving is going to be somewhat unique. Americans will travel very little along with spending less time with their families, thus it will be more crucial than ever for them to come up with fresh and original methods to express their gratitude.

This Thanksgiving, you can share the messages on these cards’ respective themed fronts with your loved ones. Select the message you want to share, then tag the people you want to start sharing it with. To make the postcards even more unique, you can include a personalized note with the social media post.

 Thanksgiving-related events

  • Volunteer

Encourage your friends to visit you while you volunteer at a nearby shelter before sitting in a chair to a hearty lunch at home. It’s a wonderful method to help others who are less fortunate and gives the whole family a chance to conduct good deeds.

  • Make pie.

One of the traditional Thanksgiving staples is pie. You can’t go wrong with pecan, pumpkin, apple, or cherry, to be honest. Put on an apron, preheat the oven, and start cooking!

  • Establish a takeout custom.

A Thanksgiving meal might take hours to prepare. Thanksgiving feasts are available at many establishments. Or start a brand-new custom by getting takeout! It may be your favorite pizza joint, the Chinese restaurant across the street, an Indian curry, etc. And be generous with your gratuity! Today is all about giving thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2022 Quotes

  • “The turkey is in the oven, the cider is spiked with rum, now let the family gossip begin. Happy Thanksgiving Quotes 2022…”
  • “An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day 2022…”
    ~ Anonymous
  • “I only have pies for you Thanksgiving Day 2022 Quotes…”
  • “There’s at least one thing I’m sure to be grateful for this holiday season. I’m just glad I wasn’t born a turkey! Happy Thanksgiving and may your feast be abundant…”
  • “Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie…”
    ~ Jim Davis

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