2024 Tesla Model 3 Price In USA – Full Specs

Tesla Model 3

2024 Tesla Model 3 Price In USA – Full Specs! Since the first one left the assembly line in 2017, it has been a major success for the automaker and is the brand’s main product. The Model 3 is ideal for someone who wants to get around a big city quickly and can be extended to work on longer road trips thanks to Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network, which has at least 272 miles of range available.

We don’t anticipate Tesla to make many changes to the Model 3 by 2024. For anyone considering a smaller EV, it delivers a ton of technology, more than enough range for the typical commute, and enough space.

Tesla will inevitably release over-the-air upgrades with additional features, but nothing significant has been announced for the 2024 Model 3 as of this writing. The price trajectory over the past three years is the only issue that customers of the Model 3 have. The MSRP of the Model 3 has steadily increased, and the fantasy of a $35,000 Tesla will remain just that—a dream.

Suggesting the Model 3 to anyone seeking their first electric vehicle is simple. It boasts a roomy interior, a smooth ride, and an alluring balance of precise handling and surprisingly quick acceleration. Because of this, the Model 3 has defeated the opposition and received Edmunds’ Top Rated EV honour for three years running. With a hat trick like that, it’s tough to pick against Tesla’s tiniest EV.

  • 2024 is predicted to bring about no significant changes.
  • But given Tesla’s penchant for ongoing modification, you never know.
  • A 2017 model from the first generation of the Model 3.


  • Excellent handling, range, and Performance
  • Ample internal space and comfortable chairs
  • Access to Tesla’s abundant fast-charging stations for superchargers


  • Driver distraction may result from using a touchscreen interface
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not supported.

2024 Tesla Model 3

Models of 2024 Tesla Model 3

[Editor’s note: The information below is based on Model 3 from the previous year. We anticipate a comparable line-up for the 2024 model, and once we receive all the details, we’ll update this area.] The Tesla Model 3 is a compact all-electric sedan with base, Long Range, and Performance trim levels. The range and acceleration of the trio differ. Remember that Tesla upgrades its vehicles on a rolling basis rather than according to model year, so features and range may vary from what is depicted below.

Country Name


Tesla Model 3 Price In USA 2024 $40,240
Tesla Model 3 Price In Canada 2024 CA$53,990 to $73,290
Tesla Model 3 Price In UK 2024 £40,815
Tesla Model 3 Price In Germany 2024 €42,990

Base Model of Tesla Model 3 2024

The EPA estimates that the base Model 3 has a range of 272 miles on a single charge. It also includes:

  • Backward-wheel drive
  • Onboard charger with 7.6 kW
  • 170 kW maximum supercharging
  • Tesla calculated a 5.3-second 0-60 mph time.
  • 18-inch rims
  • Upholstery with faux leather
  • An expansive glass roofs
  • Keyless start and entrance
  • Adjustable power front seats
  • Front and back heated seats
  • Warming the steering wheel
  • Two cell phones can be wirelessly charged
  • The navigational touchscreen of 15 inches
  • Autopilot for Tesla (suite of advanced driver aids, including exterior cameras and traffic-adaptive cruise control)

Long Range

Increases the projected range to an EPA-estimated 358 miles and adds all-wheel drive. It also has

  • 250 kW Max Supercharging with an Onboard Charger of 11.5 kW
  • Estimated 4.2 second 0-60 mph time
  • 13-speaker high-end audio system
  • Carpet matting Read More – Tesla Highland Model 3 2024

2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance

The range is sacrificed in favour of Performance, with a projected range of 315 miles. Performance dials up the Performance of the Long Range. The Performance additionally includes

Tesla Model

  • Estimated 3.1 Seconds 0-60 mph time
  • Twenty-inch wheels
  • The rear spoiler is made of carbon fibre, Aluminium pedals
  • Athletic suspension
  • Brakes with high Performance
  • Driving mode focused on tracks

All trims of Tesla vehicles can be ordered with the so-called Full Self-Driving Capability option. Ingenious semi-automatic driving features are added, such as automated parking and lane switching with just a flip of the turn signal. According to Tesla, future over-the-air upgrades will bring more automated driving capabilities to the Full Self-Driving Capability feature.

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