Tesla Electric Car Price In Canada 2024 – X/Y/S Model

Tesla Electric Car Price

Tesla’s electric car models are always attractive worldwide. Car lovers living in Canada, do you want to know the prices of modern Tesla electric cars in Canada? We are here to satisfy your curiosity. Electric vehicles, mainly Tesla models, are unmatched in exterior and interior design. This article will discuss Tesla electric car prices in Canada in detail. Car lovers, stay tuned and read the full article to get detailed information.

Best 3 Tesla Electric Cars:

Here we give you the Best 3 Tesla Electric cars. Let’s take a look.

  • Tesla Model X
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Tesla Model S

2024 Tesla Model X:

Tesla Model X has been hailed as the fastest electric car in the world. The high-tech infotainment system also dominates the dashboard with a giant touchscreen. It also serves as a secondary digital readout gauge cluster. The upgraded engine can produce 532 hp and 713 lb-ft via 2 Asynchronous ACs. Tesla’s fantastic vehicle can accelerate to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

2024 Tesla Model X

2024 Tesla Model X Short Specs:

Engine 2 Asynchronous AC
Transmission 1-Speed Direct-Drive
Drive Type All-Wheel Drive
Power 532 hp
Torque 713 lb-ft
Top Speed 60 mph for 4.4 seconds
Battery Liquid-Cooled Lithium-ion 100 kWh
Range 335 miles

Tesla Electric Car Price In Canada 2024

The demand for electric cars manufactured by Tesla is increasing worldwide. There is no need to worry about how the Tesla Model X will fare in the Canadian market. We are here to give you an idea of the Canadian price of the Tesla Model X. The Tesla Model X comes in several trims, and prices vary by trim. However, the entry-level Base Trim model starts at 109,990 Canadian dollars—the source of Value (Driving. Ca).

2024 Tesla Model Y:

Tesla Model Y is a powerful, attractive, stunning electric vehicle from Tesla. Model Y’s cabin and cargo area are accommodating and spacious. If you want, the Tesla Model Y can be the top car of your practical choice. The driving range is also near the top of the EV class, with a maximum estimate of 310 miles. It has a large touchscreen in the center of the dashboard. A mighty 67.6 kWh battery powers this vehicle.

2024 Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y 2024 Specs:

Engine 1 Permanent-Magnet Synchronous AC
Transmission 1-Speed Automatic
Drive Type AWD
Power 456 hp
Torque 497 lb-ft
Top Speed 0-60-mph in 3.5 seconds
Battery 67.6 kWh
Range 310 miles

Tesla Model Y Price In Canada 2024:

We are here to clarify doubts about Canada’s Tesla Model Y price. The entry-level Base Trim model of the Tesla Model Y starts at 53,990 Canadian dollars.

2024 Tesla Model S:

Tesla Model S is one of the cars to consider as an electric luxury car. It offers good looks, fun, and stunning performance indoors or outdoors. Modern vehicles can reduce noise and vibration for a refined driving experience. Its estimated range is 405 miles per charge. High-tech features set the Model S apart from its rivals thanks to Tesla’s extensive network of fast-charging Supercharger stations.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S 2024 Full Specs:

Engine 3 Permanent-Magnet Synchronous AC
Transmission Direct-Drives
Drive Type All-Wheel-Drive
Power 1020 hp
Torque 1050 lb-ft
Top Speed 60 mph in 2.4 seconds
Battery Liquid-cooled lithium-ion, 99.3 kWh
Range 405 miles

Tesla Model S Price In Canada 2024:

Tesla Model S holds a good place in the world of electric cars. It can be expected in the Canadian market for 99,990 Canadian dollars—price Source (Driving. Ca).

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