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St Thomas Day Quotes 2023: Best Quotes, Images & Wishes – Do you know about the history of St Thomas? This beautiful island has a rich and fascinating history dating back to the 1500s. From its early days as a pirate hideout to its role in the slave trade, St Thomas has a lot to offer tourists and history buffs alike. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the history of St Thomas, from its Spanish origins to its current status as a popular tourist destination. The island of St. Thomas has a long and fascinating history that reminds us of the time of the Ciboney people.


The Ciboney people were the first settlers on the island, and they were followed by the Arawaks, the Caribs, and finally the Europeans. Each group of settlers left its own mark on the island, and the History of St. Thomas is a mix of cultures and traditions. The Dutch colonized the island. but it later changed hands several times and eventually became a part of the United States. Today, St. Thomas is a popular tourist destination and a thriving center of commerce and industry.

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The Island was later inhabited by the Arawaks

The island of St Thomas was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Columbus christened the island after St. Thomas the Apostle. The island was later inhabited by the Arawaks, who were peaceful and friendly people.


The Arawaks were soon replaced by the Caribs, who were a more warlike people. The Caribs were eventually driven off the island by the Dutch, who then ruled St Thomas for over 200 years. In 1848, the United States purchased the island from the Dutch and it has been an American territory ever since.

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The Arrival of English in the history of St. Thomas

The English first arrived on the island in 1672, and they soon began to establish settlements. The English were eventually expelled from the island by the Caribs, but they returned in 1693 and successfully conquered the island. The island has since been controlled by the English, although there have been several attempts by the Caribs to regain control of their homeland.


Columbus Landed on the Island in 1493

Columbus landed on the island in 1493 and renamed it after himself. The island was a major stop for ships sailing between Europe and the Americas for the next three centuries. The island’s strategic location made it a valuable asset for European colonizers, who fought over it for years.

In 1718, the French captured the island of St. Thomas and renamed it Martinique. The British eventually regained control of the island, but it changed hands again in 1763 when the French recaptured it. The British finally regained control in 1802 and held onto it until 1967, when the island became an autonomous territory of France.


The island’s history of St.Thomas is tumultuous and filled with violence, but its natural beauty is undeniable. The lush rainforest, white-sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters make St Thomas a paradise worth exploring.


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The Island was Annexed by the US in 1917

In 1917, the US annexed the island of St Thomas. This move was largely seen as an attempt to secure a strategic location in the Caribbean for the US military. The island was at that time under Danish control, and the US saw it as an important location for its military interests in the region. The US also wanted to ensure that Denmark didn’t enter into an alliance with Germany, which would have given them a foothold in the region.

The annexation of St Thomas was met with resistance from the locals, who saw it as an invasion and infringement on their sovereignty. However, over time the locals grew to accept and even embrace American rule.

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The Island became a US Virgin Island in 1931

In 1917, the US purchased the island from Denmark for $25 million. At that time, the island’s population was around 2,000 people. The US Virgin Islands were then organized as a territory of the United States, with St. Thomas as the most populated island.

In 1931, St. Thomas and the other islands in the US Virgin Islands became a US territory. Today, St. Thomas is still one of the most populated islands in the territory and is known for its beautiful beaches and resorts.

31 in the history of St. Thomas

31 is a special number for the island in the history of St. Thomas. It was on December 31, 1848, that the Danish flag was lowered and the American flag was raised in its place, signifying the transfer of ownership from Denmark to the United States. This day is celebrated annually as Transfer Day and is a major holiday on the island.

The history of the island of St. Thomas is a long and fascinating one. Many different cultures have inhabited the island over the years, and each has left its mark on the island. Today, St. Thomas is a popular tourist destination, thanks to its beautiful beaches and its rich culture.

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