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Samsung Edge 2022 (5G): Price, Specification, Release Date & News


Samsung Edge 2022: Price, Specification, Release Date & Latest News! We have many edges named phones in their S series like S6 edge, and S7 edge. But this time they are planning to bring Samsung Edge 2022. According to our source, it will be a flagship phone. This phone will be launched at a competitive price. Let’s see what Samsung will deliver us.


Samsung Edge 2022 Full Specification:

Samsung Galaxy Edge 2022 Display: this time Samsung offers us an OLED display on this phone. This display is 6.7 inches. It is a curve display whose resolution is FHD. You can see a 4k video on it. So, the content-watching experience will be great on this phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Edge 2022 Battery: Samsung Edge 5g has a 6500mAh massive battery. As well as this is well optimized with this phone. So you will decent performance from it. This phone also supports a quick charge. They will provide a 65-watt fast charger in the box. This phone has a wireless charging facility of up to 18 watts and reverses charge up to 10 watts. This battery will fully charge within a few minutes with the box charger.


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Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Camera: Samsung Edge 5G 2022 has a quad-camera setup in a vertical line in the rear. The camera configuration is 108MP+25MP+16MP+5MP. This time the sensor size is pretty big. The main camera is a wide-angle lens. The second one is a telephoto lens. the third one is an ultra-wide lens. the last one is a macro lens. on the front side, you will get a dual-camera setup. The main camera is 32MP and there is a 12MP secondary lens. this is good a good configuration indeed.


Samsung Edge 2022 Storage: Samsung Edge 5G arrive with 12 GB Ram and has two variant of storage. One is 256GB and the other is 512 GB. Both storages are UFS3.1. So, it will be definitely very fast. This phone doesn’t have a memory expandable option. But this huge storage can manage your needs. This Ram is LPDDR5 Ram.


Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Performance: this phone runs with its own new flagship processor. Exynos 2100 will run this phone. This is a very powerful chipset. It has almost the same capability as snapdragon 888. This processor will process your photos and videos very sharply. That is why you will get good-quality photos and pictures.


Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Sensors: this phone has a magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity, accelerometer, light sensor, gravity sensor, and so on. These all sensors will help you to get smooth and excellent performance.

Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Connectivity: EDGE/CDMA/HSPA+/LTE/5G/SA/NSA all kind of network is available in this phone. you can use it according to your needs. At the same time, this phone has a dual stereo sound system, type-c 3.1, Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Wi-Fi bridge, etc.

Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price:

This is a flagship phone from Samsung. So, no doubt that the price of this phone will be high. According to our source, this phone will be available at $490 in the USA market. In Indian currency, this phone will be available.

Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in India 24,999 INR
Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in Australia 459 AUD
Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in Bangladesh 27,999 BDT
Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in Euro 291 EUR
Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in Indonesian 47,47,000 IDR
Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in Malaysian 1,390 MYR
Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in Nigeria 135,000 NGN
Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in Pakistan 57,999 PKR
Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in Philippines 16,480 PHP
Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in Saudi Arabia 1,238 SAR
Samsung Edge 5G 2022 Price in Singapore 450 SGD

Samsung Edge 2022 Release Date:

Samsung didn’t confess anything. There is a great chance to launch this phone in the last quarter of 2022. But this is not confirmed in the news. If we get anything about this phone, we will update this post.


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