New 2022 Ps Plus Extra Games December: Predictions And Leaks

Finally, the time has arrived for Sony to announce the free New 2022 Ps Plus Extra Games December: Predictions, Rumors And Leaks. Because of how the dates fall, PS Plus customers won’t learn what free PS4 and PS5 games are available for December until the very last day of the month. Even worse, the freebies for the Essentials won’t be accessible for download until the following week!


Date of Ps Plus Extra Games December 2022 Free Game Release

The PS Plus free games for December 2022 will be made public on November 30th. The release date for the following round of freebies is December 5th, according to a November PlayStation Blog entry from Sony. It is usual to announce upcoming freebies on the final Wednesday before launch, but it hardly ever occurs on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or even Friday. While they last, you should download Nioh 2, Heavenly Bodies, and the Lego Harry Potter Collection from Essential. Check – Unblocked Games 2023 USA

Ps Plus Extra Games December 2022

Following are the free games we anticipate PS Plus will offer in December 2022:

Ps Plus Extra Games December 2022 Gives Fans Five Games. The PS Plus Free Games for December 2022 include Mass Effect. Legendary Edition (which includes remastered, improved versions of Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3), Biomutant, and DKO Divine Knockout.

  • Far Cry New Dawn – PS4
  • WWE 2K22 – PS4
  • Ben 10: Power Trip – PS5, PS4
  • Evil Genius 2: World Domination – PS5, PS4
  • Yakuza: Like A Dragon – PS5, PS4.
  • Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion – PS4
  • Far Cry 5 – PS4
  • Judgment – PS5, PS4

The Artful Escape: PS5, PS4,


The Artful Escape, a PlayStation title from earlier this year, will open things up. In the psychedelic, cosmic adventure, you take on the role of Francis Vendetti, a man divided between his humble folk roots and love of rock music, who embarks on an interplanetary soul-searching quest. The Artful Escape would be a lovely, relaxing way to spend an afternoon over the Christmas or New Year holiday because of its excellent visuals, short running time, and lovely setpieces. Check – Avatar 2 (2022) Release Date

Back for Blood: PS5, PS4

We foresee Back 4 Blood coming up next. With some DLC updates and content packs, this co-op horde shooter has had a successful year. However, it hasn’t exactly taken off as Left 4 Dead did. So, with a PS Plus launch, we might see a rebound in players and interest in the game. Additionally, if Turtle Rock intends to release more content in the future, this would be a good way to draw viewers in.


Dead Cells: PS4

Dead Cells, another popular independent film, is our final choice. This 2D action roguelike challenges you to navigate a vast, dynamic castle using 2D combat similar to that of souls. As you move further into the structure, you’ll discover new abilities and acquire a variety of tools, buffs, and enhancements that you can employ as you slay your way through the grand halls and filthy basement levels. In addition to the launch-day material, the game has since received a ton of free updates that have included new modes, new biomes and places, adversaries, weapons, and more. Therefore, you should find something useful here!

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