PS Plus January 2023 Free Games, Premium, Predictions & Leaks

PS Plus January 2023 Free Games, Premium, Predictions & Leaks, and Premium subscription tiers, Sony has essentially extended PS Plus. PS Plus Essentials is the new name for what was once known as PS Plus, and it will function exactly as it did before. Forty-one hundred PS4 and PS5 titles are “free” for those who upgrade to PS Plus Extra. Retro PS1, PS2, and even PS3 games are available at the Premium level. You can find the whole list of titles for PS Plus Extra and Premium here.

With a number of vintage games scheduled to be streamable and playable before the end of January, PlayStation Plus will surely kick off the year with a boom. Every month’s final Wednesday sees the announcement of the games, which are then released the following week. As a result, for January 2023, PlayStation Plus new game announcements would occur on Wednesday, January 25, with the games likely becoming available the following week on Tuesday, January 31. This schedule is subject to change, and as soon as we have more information, we will update this page.

Playstation Plus 2023 Free Games

Playstation Plus 2023 Free Games

To stream games using PS Plus on a PC, you’ll need the following capabilities, according to the PS Plus website.

  • 10 Windows
  • 0 GHz Core i3.
  • 300 MB of storage is accessible.
  • A RAM of 2 GB.

However, the sound card and USB port claim them first.

PS Plus January 2023 Predictions

Little Nightmares 2: PS5, PS4

Little Nightmares 2 is our top selection for this month. In it, you take control of Mono, a young child locked in a world warped by the hum of a transmission tower. He will travel around the eerie landscapes of the city and surrounding area with Six as his guide, trying to fend off the enemies who are trying to kill him.

PS5, PS4: Generation Zero

Our second choice is the cooperative action game Generation Zero, which combines stealth and action to create a thrilling experience that will test your intelligence and resourcefulness. You will construct your own outpost and try to inspire a rebellion while fending against a range of robotic foes as you explore and unearth mysteries.

A Colourful Tale for the Playstation Plus 2023 Free Games PS5, PS4 & Xbox

The beloved highly regarded Chicory: A Colourful Tale is our final pack. This puzzle game is a top-down adventure where you get to discover new locations, solve riddles, and color the globe as you go. Currently available on PS Plus Extra and Premium, the game may also be included for Essential members this month.

All of that is said the free PS Plus games for January 2023 are important to be aware of. Visit our guide to the best PS5 games to play right now for more information about PS Plus and other games to play.

How valuable is Playstation Plus 2023 Free Games?

The value that PS Plus offers users in the form of free games and early access has always been tremendous. In our opinion, the service is completely worthwhile, with the value of the freebies and other benefits considerably outweighing the expense. Yes, as long as your Plus subscription remains active. You can play the games you downloaded again if you renew them. If not, they will remain secure. But to claim them first, make sure you actively ‘Add Game to Library’ while they’re accessible.


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