New (2023) OnePlus OxygenOS 14: Release Date And New Features

Hello Friends, How are you? hope you are all well. Today we are talking about Oxygen OS 14 Beta 2023. After Oxygen OS 13 Beta comes to Oxygen OS 14 Beta with new features in the market. We’ve been testing early versions of Android 14 on Pixel phones since February this year. But it’s only in the past two months that we’ve seen a more focused rollout of betas for popular Android skins. Now we have all the details from OnePlus about its own take on Android 14, Which is known as Oxygen OS 14 2023.

Is Fast and Smooth in Oxygen OS14

OnePlus has claimed Oxygen OS as being fast and Working smoothly. We expect, the company to put a ton of marketing effort this year into can emphasize how fast and smooth the new Oxygen OS 14 is. this company has added a new software system called the Trinity Engine.

Oxygen OS 14 Beta

The “trinity” here references powerful hardware, intelligent software, and the user experience. OS 14 beta includes six passive tools that allegedly enhance the user experience by making things faster and smoother.

Here, the six tools are given below:

  • CPU Vitalization
  • ROM Vitalization
  • RAM Vitalization
  • HyperTouch
  • HyperBoost
  • HyperRendering

However, OnePlus makes a few claims on how these modules are used to improve how the OnePlus phone works. the company also says the CPU Vitalization tool can give you 20-30 minutes more extra battery life without compromising performance. The ROM Vitalization system compliantly can save up to 20GB of storage through application compression. However, the RAM Vitalization system provides a 10% progress in smoothness.

OS 14 Beta Colors and Design

OPPO introduced the Aquamorphic design language in Color OS in 2022. Since Oxygen OS is derived from the core code of Color OS, it has finally been incorporated into OnePlus phones. Oxygen OS 14 now showcases even more Aquamorphic elements throughout the system.

OnePlus has introduced a new animation and design language for notifications called Fluid Cloud. Despite its name, it is not related to cloud storage or computing. This new feature will modify the design of notification panels and bubbles in a subtle way.

The company mentioned the Aquamorphic Color System, which has been improved now. This feature allows your phone’s colors and overall appearance to change dynamically based on your actions. For instance, when you plug in your phone, the battery status changes to a gradient animation, as explained by OnePlus.

App Updates Features:

File Doc

One of the more important new features in Oxygen OS 14 is called File Doc. This module lives in the Smart Sidebar, which is basically the OnePlus version of Samsung’s Edge Panel. It’s a widget tray that permanently lives on the top right of your display, so you can swipe it out and access some tools. File Doc exists to help you transfer data between apps. For example, you could drag a photo you find online into File Doc.

Smart Cutout

Basically, you’d need an editor like Photoshop to do it, but the tool allows you to automatically crop out backgrounds and focus only on the photos’ prime subject, usually a person or animal.

Notes 2.0

OnePlus upgraded its Notes app with some new rise text features. That means you can change fonts, add italics, bold, and even split lines. You can also change the color of the text. Notes 2.0 also features smart categorization, so it’s easy to find notes you made a long time ago.

Clone Phone 2.0

Clone Phone is one of the previous OnePlus-designed apps.

Multi-Screen Connect 2.0

If you have multiple devices running OxygenOS 14, you can seamlessly transfer data between them as if they’re one.

Two newest and most significant security features of OS14.

Oxygen OS 14 has a new security feature called Auto Pixelate 2.0. It was first introduced in Oxygen OS 13 as Auto Pixelate and allows you to quickly obscure certain parts of screenshots to protect your privacy. Initially, it only supported screenshots from certain chat apps, such as WhatsApp. However, with the new update, it now supports obscuring contact details, credit card numbers, license plate numbers, and more.

Although there are some other security features that we can test, they are not unique to Oxygen OS 14. OnePlus has marketed Android 14 new permissions management and revamped Security & Privacy Center as exclusive Oxygen OS features, but in reality, they are now integrated into Android and are available to everyone.

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