Oukitel WP19 2022: Review, Price, Release Date, First Looks & Full Specs

We found your presence here. It means you are an Oukitel Smartphone lover. As you get every news regarding newly introduced features and updates in Oukitel 5G Smartphone. Here we will discuss Oukitel WP19 5G.  Oukitel WP19 2022 is going to be introduced, you can grab it right after the introduction of the Oukitel WP19 Review. the Oukitel is famous for its features in previous models and versions.

People get excited as Oukitel WP19 Mobile must have something different than the last ones. Why not? Oukitel WP19 2022 is equipped with impressive features and has a variety of colors along with a smart, sleek design.

Oukitel WP19 2022: Review

Before getting into the details regarding Oukitel WP19 5G 2022. Let’s explore an overview of whatever you need to know about the Oukitel WP19 Review.

Oukitel WP19 5G 2022. Release Date

We have been hearing rumors about the Oukitel WP19 2022 launch since June of last year. But Oukitel hasn’t confirmed its launch. But, depending on the ideas, netizens always kept us updated about the launch of the Oukitel WP19 5G 2022. As a fan of the Oukitel WP18, we are expecting something more in Oukitel WP19 5G 2022.

Oukitel always unveils its news about coming at the same time every year. Finally,  Oukitel WP19 2022 is expected to release in June 2022.

Oukitel WP19 5G 2022: Price

After hearing the news of launching another latest Oukitel smartphone like the Oukitel WP19 5G 2022. The next thing worth considering is the Oukitel WP19 5G 2022 price. Well, iPhone has not announced Oukitel WP19 5G 2022 price but according to netizens we can expect it to be around $74. Again, we are not sure as Oukitel WP19 2022 is not yet confirmed.

Oukitel WP19 5G 2022: Full Specs Summary

Oukitel lovers are always curious about the features and specifications that are going to be part of Oukitel WP19 2022. But, still, it is not confirmed and we can tell you about the ideas regarding the features and specs of the Oukitel WP19 Review 2022.

Oukitel WP19 5G 2022 is expected to be available with 8GB RAM with a camera of 64MP + 2MP+20MP And a Front Camera of 16MP. As discussed above Oukitel WP19 5G 2022 display size is around 6.78 inches. Oukitel WP19 Smartphone may be available with MicroSDXC. The battery life of the Oukitel WP19 2022 is worth discussing as it may be around 21000mAh.

Oukitel WP19 5G 2022: Display & Colors

In talking about the display in Oukitel WP19 2022. The organizers have revealed that Oukitel WP19 2022 display size is expected around 6.78 inches to 6.1inches along with an 1170 x 2530 OLED screen with a 60Hz refresh rate and 460 pixels per inch.

Apart from the display screen size of the Oukitel WP19 2022. The available colors also attract customers. Oukitel WP19 5G 2022 is expected to be available in various shades like black and graphite. But it is not yet confirmed.

Oukitel WP19 Review 2022: Design

Apart from available colors, display size, and internal storage of Oukitel WP19 2022. The outlook also matters while bringing a phone for personal use. If you agree then pre-order Oukitel WP19 5G 2022, it is available with 146.7mm along with 71.5mm. Its thickness is around 7.4mm with 164grams weight.

The new Oukitel WP19 Review is going to come out in 2022, nearly in June or May. It will have a 5G antenna and a longer battery life. Who doesn’t want to pre-book Oukitel WP19 5G 2022?. Even the Oukitel WP19 Review 2022 is full of impressive features and attractive colors.  This phone is sure to be a hit!

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