OnePlus 2023 11 Ultra (5G): Official Price, Release Date And Specifications

OnePlus 2023 11 Ultra (5G): Official Price, Release Date And Specifications! Many of us were startled when OnePlus skipped the OnePlus 10 regular release in favor of the OnePlus 10 Pro in 2022. Similar arrangements have already been mentioned in rumors, albeit only one phone has been seen so yet. However, this time there may be no Pro at all and the naming may be flipped. Here is all we currently know about the OnePlus 11 Ultra 5G.

The first modification you need to be aware of concerns that name. The “Pro” designation has been used on previous OnePlus flagship devices, however this time the name of the flagship will just be the OnePlus 11 Ultra 5G 2023. As far as we are aware, the OnePlus 11 Ultra 5G is not present in the works.

OnePlus 11 Ultra 5G 2023

OnePlus 11 Ultra 5G 2023 Release Date

The OnePlus 11 is anticipated to ship in Q1 2023 across the board, however, if we had to guess, we’d say it might happen later in the quarter. In China, the home country of OnePlus, the phone will ship much sooner. The launch might take place in the very early months of 2023, with the formal reveal scheduled for December 2022. The past OnePlus flagship launch date is shown here, along with a potential release date again for the OnePlus 11 Ultra 5G, for your convenience.

If that seems unlikely, keep in mind that the phone will probably use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, which is anticipated to debut this month, a few weeks earlier than usual, to give Chinese phone producers time to get their products on the market before the Chinese New Year sales season in January. But that only applies to China. The past global release calendars for the OnePlus flagships with a number (excluding the ‘T’ models, which go on sale later in the year) break down as follows:

  • March 2022 for the OnePlus 10 Pro
  • March 2021: OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro
  • April 2020 for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro

Therefore, assuming OnePlus sticks to this revised plan, the OnePlus 11 and/or 11 would not be released until March 2023.

OnePlus 11 Ultra 5G 2023 Price

There haven’t been any leaks yet, but we’d bet on a price of around $900. Although there hasn’t been any pricing information revealed, we also have some expectations. We may anticipate that the base OnePlus 11 model will cost approximately $900 based on the rumored specifications and OnePlus’ past performance.

We’ll expect to see something a little less expensive, all along lines of the OnePlus 10T, but if OnePlus only chooses to offer a Pro model for the 11-series, it will likely cost around the same as the current 10 Pro. However, given the global chip scarcity, as well as COVID-19 and the Ukrainian crisis’s effects on production and delivery, things may not exactly work out as easily as they seem.

Specifications and Features can expect from the OnePlus 11 Ultra 5G 2023

There haven’t been many specific leaks regarding the OnePlus 11 Ultra 5G series up to this point, but the information is starting to surface. The name is the first thing to take attention to. All the leaks we’ve seen this year lead to a repetition of OnePlus’ 2022 announcement of the 10 Pro without the 10; this time, only one phone will have Pro-level specifications. The OnePlus 11, although having specifications that are on par with those of the company’s Pro phones, is expected to be released this time around, according to leakers Max Jambor&OnLeaks.

The picture highlights a few significant facts. First off, the phone has the alert slider with the Hasselblad logo that is present on the 10 Pro but absent on the 10T from autumn. The new camera module has a circular form and a glossy finish. It still has the wraparound element from the 10 Pro. It should unsurprising that there are three cameras as well as a flash integrated. Prior to it though, the same leaker collaborated with SmartPrix to provide a series of his own renderings based on an “early prototype,” which gives us some further perspectives on the product.

OnePlus 11 Ultra 5G Design and Camera

Leaked design photos from OnLeaks have shown what the OnePlus 11 will look like in mid-September and later in December 2022. The phone will include a large, circular camera module featuring three sensors, as seen in the photos above. Prior speculations claimed that the OnePlus 11 will include a rotating camera island, but they now appear highly improbable.

The Alert Slider is back, and it can be seen to the left of the camera module as another noteworthy design element. Although OnePlus supporters were content with having features, some of the company’s more recent phones didn’t, so seeing it return is a wonderful sight and gives this phone a unique early OnePlus flavor.


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