New One UI 5: Update, Release Date & Beta Support

Samsung is anticipated to One UI 5 Release Date, the most recent version of its Android-based software, later this year. Although the company hasn’t acknowledged any details about it, online rumors have already begun to circulate. The Android 13-based operating system that Google unveiled at I/O 2022 will serve as the foundation for the One UI 5 Update.

The beta version is anticipated to become available for all qualified devices next month, however, the official version won’t be available until later this year. We will discuss the main anticipated features of One UI 5.0 in this article, along with a list of devices that ought to receive the One UI 5.0 upgrade. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

One UI 5 Release Date

One UI 5 Release Date

Google has not yet made stable Android 13 available for all smartphones, so Samsung won’t deploy the latest OneUI until that time. However, the business intends to make the One UI 5.0 beta available to a small group of users in July 2022. In the second part of the year, which would be in September or October 2022, the stable version of One UI 5.0 might be unveiled.

Top Features of Samsung One UI 5.0

None of the anticipated enhancements that consumers will experience in One UI 5.0 have been verified by Samsung. The One UI 5.0 is reportedly going to have improved design, smoother animations, and better optimizations, according to rumors. Let’s get specific about:

New Notification Layout

A new notification style will be included in the upcoming One UI 5.0. New icons could be unveiled by the corporation. In addition, compared to One UI 4.1’s previous version, the notification sharing and quick settings now have a little modified appearance by increasing the opacity.

Widgets That Stack

Stackable widgets are a new feature introduced with the OneUI 5.0 upgrade. Users will be able to stack numerous widgets on the home screen as a result. To do this, hold down on the widget, select the ones you wish to add, and then press “Add widget.”

Feature for OCR in the Gallery and Keyboard

The One UI 5.0 now has a new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability from Samsung. Users will be able to copy text from photographs using this functionality directly from the Gallery application. Furthermore, the Samsung keyboard app might also get access to the feature.

New Dialogs for Permission

Samsung may potentially redesign the One UI 5.0 application’s permission dialog boxes. According to the most recent rumors, the company will make use of the standard Android permission dialogs, which may be seen in the middle of the screen.

Hub for Security and Privacy

The redesigned and updated Security and Privacy hub could possibly be included in the One UI 5.0 release. A one-stop shop for all security requirements will be the hub. A Lock screen, accounts, Find My Mobile, app security, updates, privacy, and other features will be included.

Taking notes when on calls

Users will be able to take notes while on a call thanks to a new function that Samsung has incorporated. The capability appears to be restricted to S Pen devices alone, though.

New Gestures for Multitasking

New multitasking features might possibly be included in the future One UI 5.0. Swiping up with two fingers will let users switch to a split-screen mode. The app can also be changed from full screen to pop-up view by swiping from the top corner of the screen toward the center.

Slick Animation

Samsung users have frequently voiced their complaints about the delayed animations, and the firm appears to have a solution with One UI 5.0. one’s most recent version is said to smooth out animations. Nothing specifically about these animation changes is mentioned; they might be adjustments to the charging animation, the UI animation, the unlock animation, etc.

Enhanced Design

A few design changes are anticipated for the Samsung One UI 5.0. There is extremely little probability of a complete UI makeover, although we might see some modest adjustments.

Improved Optimization

The Samsung One UI 5.0 operating system may improve app and other feature optimizations to give users the best possible experience with the Samsung ecosystem.

Updated Share Notes App

The Notes application also receives new functionality as part of the upgrade. Users will be able to create, edit, and share notes with up to 100 people simultaneously thanks to this. As soon as modifications are made, everyone may see them.

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