Happy National Watermelon Day 2022: Top Images, Quotes, Wishes & August 03


On August 3, there will be a celebration honoring the cool summer treat that is popular at fairs and picnics. Because it is 92 percent water, watermelon is also highly satiating in the summer heat. In the English language, the term “watermelon” first occurred in 1615.


History Of National Watermelon Day

We commemorate National Watermelon Day because it is deserving of its own day due to the juicy, refreshing nature of the fruit. The first known watermelon harvest took place in Egypt about 5,000 years ago, while cultivation of this fruit dates back to 2000 B.C. Watermelons and their seeds have been found in traces on 12th Egyptian Dynasty sites, including King Tutankhamun’s tomb. Ancient Egyptian texts have also been uncovered to contain paintings of several varieties of watermelons.

National Watermelon Day Images

Over the span of a thousand years of cultivation, the sweet fruit we enjoy today has undergone changes. The Kalahari Desert in Africa has trade routes where watermelon seeds are sold to travelers. From there, watermelon farming spread throughout Africa. The watermelon’s ancestor originated in Africa, and from there it moved to the Mediterranean region and other regions of Europe.


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By the end of the ninth century, watermelon growing had become very common in China and the rest of Asia. The term “watermelon” first appears in the English language in 1615, according to John Mariani’s “The Dictionary of American Food and Drink.”Although it is sometimes thought of as a form of melon, the watermelon does not belong to the genus Cucumis. A watermelon’s outer skin is dark green with yellow patches or stripes. In the United States, there are over 300 different types of watermelon that range from red to white and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.


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How is National Watermelon Day Celebrated?

  • Host a seed-spitting contest…
  • Create a new watermelon recipe. You can also share your favorites…
  • Enjoy watermelon-flavored candies or beverages…
  • Create a frozen watermelon dessert…
  • Learn how to pick a ripe watermelon…
  • Complete a watermelon carving. You know, like pumpkins but sweeter…
  • Make a Vodka Watermelon Basil Granita…

National Watermelon Day Pics

Celebration of the National Watermelon Day

  • “Serve some grilled eggplant and zucchini beside some cold, long-sliced watermelon for a surprising summer barbeque flavor…”
  • “Well, the best place to start is by simply eating the watermelon raw. A fruit salad and a sprinkle of sugar on top of the watermelon both go really nicely together…”
  • “The cake that is best served cold has the fruit squared off, the melon generously covered in whipped cream, and other varied berries sprinkled on top. Or a beautiful cup for any summer beverage might be made by cutting the rind in half and hollowing out the entire watermelon, leaving only the rind…”
  • “But one of the finest ways to celebrate National Watermelon Day might just be to share that sweet watermelon flavor on the rind. This summer, savor the sweetness of the melon, cut it up, serve it, and, if you like, add some salt or sugar…”

National Watermelon Day Wishes

National Watermelon Day Wishes 2022

  • “Keeping it aside, the day’s notion is to be valued more, so go ahead, there’s no stopping. Enjoy the day to the fullest. Wishing a very happy watermelon day 2022…”
  • “This day on the 3rd of August every year is a nonofficial holiday to mark the bright red fruit’s deliciousness. Wishing a very happy watermelon day 2022…”
  • “It is among the favorite holiday for people of all ages. Being a hot summer day rest or an occasion of a particular cause, both go hand in hand…”
  • “Organise your own “Seed-spitting contest.” What better day could it be to uplift the beautiful fruit cum plant (as categorized by botanists) …”
  • “On this watermelon day, let us go to the best watermelon farm and bring the best out of them. And enjoy the day to the fullest…”
  • “Watermelon can also be efficiently manipulated into some frozen watermelon desserts, which people rarely think of preparing…”
  • “The origin of the day’s celebration is as mysterious as is watermelon a mystery to be a fruit or plant to the biologists…”

National Watermelon Day


National Watermelon Day Messages 2022

  • “Watermelon overshoots the mere exclamation of being juicy, delicious, and unique and is much more than that…”
  • “In light of the grand occasion to be celebrated, plant your sampling of the red fruit much ahead than the day approaching…”
  • “When watermelon arrives, pluck your watermelon, slice it into pieces, eat them, and feed others…”
  • “On this day, people all over the United States of America go gaga by making the best use of social media handles to create spread their devotion and love for such an enriching fruit…”
  • “Join in the movement, turn all your social handle red-red-red with all you did with the watermelon all through the day by tagging #NationalWatermelonDay 2022…”

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