Happy Rescue Dog Day 2023 – (20 May), HD Images, Quotes & History

Hello Dear Friends, Wellcome to our Website. Here We talk about National Rescue Dog Day. The person who is kind to the living, that person is served by God. National Rescue Dog Day teaches us to be compassionate and loving towards animals. Every year, many dogs lose their lives in the streets after being abandoned by their owners in a helpless situation.

Their lack of food sources, lack of shelter makes it difficult to survive in this world. Animal welfare organizations encourage people to take dogs to safe shelters and adopt them on this day. This day is celebrated on May 20 every year. Let us know the details about this day below.

Rescue Dog Day

History of National Rescue Dog Day:

Lisa Wihebrink is the founder of National Rescue Dog Day, an author, and the founder of Tails That Teach. He has highlighted the development of human-animal relationships in his book. Her book is mainly child-centered, she mentions kindness, patience, and unconditional love in her book. He believed that humans can learn qualities from animals. He came up with the idea of this day in 2009.

Dogs do not have a safe shelter, or safe food source, as a result, they are exposed to various problems. Sometimes they are hit by cars on the road, sometimes abused by people. If these dogs are given proper shelter and food security, they can be people’s best friends, helpers of depressed people, and children’s playmates. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) serves this noble purpose. It was established in 1866. The organization shelters 3 million dogs every year.

How to Observe National Rescue Dog Day?

  • Volunteer at a shelter:(You give the dog a safe shelter, take care of him, take him outside for walks, and play with him. Celebrate the day by doing these.)
  • Adopt/foster a dog:( You adopt a dog on this day, take care of it, give it love, give it compassion, this dog will be your best and true friend.)
  • Spread awareness:( Promote the importance and awareness of this day, on social media and in society)

Animal Cruelty 5 Facts:

1) The most abused

2) Domestic violence

3) Three million mink murders

4) Animal hoarding victims

5) Sloths death due to tourism

Why We Love  National Rescue Dog Day?

  • It’s a celebration of dogs:(Dog Loyalty Unmatched, Dogs are admired for their friendly behavior and loving nature).
  • It’s a celebration of animal-human friendship:(The main purpose of this day is to develop a friendly relationship between humans and dogs. Humans can learn obedience and unconditional love and patience from dogs)
  • It’s a celebration of empathy:( Empathy is a silent virtue. On this day we will sympathize with dogs, and provide them with safe shelter and food.)

National Rescue Dog Day 2023 Dates:

Day Year Date
Saturday 2023 May 20
Monday 2024 May 20
Wednesday 2025 May 20
Tuesday 2026 May 20
Thursday 2027 May 20

We give you all information about National Rescue Dog Day Quotes. If you have any questions or compliments then ask us. we will answer so quickly. Thanks a lot to stay with us.

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