National Pug Day 2023: Best Wishes, Images & Quotes

National Pug Day 2023: Best Wishes, Images & Quotes – The annual National Pug Day is celebrated on October 15. It honors one of the world’s oldest (and cutest!) dog breeds. The pug is a dog breed that has its roots in China and dates back hundreds of years. Short legs, a curled tail, and a wrinkled, short nose are some of its most distinguishing characteristics. Due to their small size and social, kind, and endearing nature, pugs are among the most popular companion dogs.

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The Song era of China is at least when the breed first appeared (960–1279 AD). Pugs were developed as companion animals for the royal family and maintained in opulent surroundings under the protection of troops. Pugs originated in China and subsequently moved throughout Asia before arriving in the Netherlands. A pug with the name of Pompey warned William the Silent, Prince of Orange, of approaching murderers in 1572, saving his life.

National Pug Day

National Pug Day Quotes 2023

  • “The gods do not count the lifetime spent on a walk with a dog. (Popular wisdom)
  • “Dog’s life is too short, this is their only drawback. Go
  • “It’s good when a dog is a friend, but it’s bad when a friend is a dog …
  • “The dog is the only creature who saw his God with his own eyes (Jack London)
  • “The dog jumps to your lap because it loves you; cat – because she is so warmer (Alfred North Whitehead)
  • “If you pick up a hungry dog, feed and caress her, she will not bite you; this is its fundamental difference from man.
  • ‘Perhaps, when we are called a dog, it is not such a big insult. (John Stevens)
  • “The most loving creature in the world is a wet dog. (Ambrose Beers)

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National Pug Day 2023 Wishes,  Images & Quotes – Saturday, October 15

Pugs were allegedly chosen as the House of Orange’s official breed after that. Some historians speculate that Pompey may have been a different breed, probably a Dutch spaniel. Pugs later gained popularity in other European nations like Russia, England, Italy, and Spain. They were still kept as companion animals and used for military tracking and as guard dogs. Pugs were introduced to the United States in the 19th century and soon gained popularity there. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed formally in 1885.

Since then, pugs have remained a beloved breed. Because they are non-aggressive, energetic, friendly, eager to please their owners, and sturdy enough to play with kids safely, pugs are regarded as a perfect breed for families with young children.

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Happy National Pug Day Wishes for 2023

  • “If a dog puts your head on your knees, sooner or later you begin to realize that you need to stroke it. (Matt Haig)
  • “Dogs talk, but only with those who can listen. (Orhan Pamuk)
  • “Dogs are usually loved more than wives, as dogs bark only on strangers. (V. Gavelya)
  • “If people have naivety to believe in God, then dogs have naivety to believe in man. (Eric Emmanuel Schmitt)
  • “If you need someone grateful, get a dog. (R. Harris)
  • “I am not obsessed with dogs, I just love them very much. (Tom Hardy)
  • “The dog is a friend. She understands everything, but can not say anything. The dog sympathizes silently – this is its advantage.
  • “The one who says that you cannot buy happiness has never bought a puppy. (Wilfred Lampton)

One of the many animal holidays created by the author, animal rescuer, and pet living specialist Colleen Paige is National Pug Day. National Puppy Day, National Black Dog Day, National Pet Day, National Horse Protection Day, National Wildlife Day, and National Beach Day are among its “sister holidays.” National Dog Day, National Cat Day, and National Puppy Day are all among them.

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Celebrations of The National Pug Day 2023

In addition to recognizing how adorable pugs are and how they can make us all smile, National Pug Day was established to bring attention to the issue of pug abandonment. Due to the expensive burden of veterinary expenses (brachycephalic breeds like pugs are prone to particular health conditions), some pug owners regrettably abandon their dogs.

Adopting an adorable pug from a pug rescue is a great way to honor National Pug Day. Of course, you should only do this if you are certain that you can provide your dog with the necessary care. If you are unable to adopt, think about giving your time or money to a nearby pug rescue; they will be grateful.

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National Pug Day Messages 2023

  • “Dogs have only one drawback – they trust people. (Elian J. Finbert)
  • “Each dog must have its own bone. (Bee Dorsey Orly)
  • “All the same: a person starts a dog so that there is no feeling of loneliness. The dog really does not like to be alone. (Karel Čapek)
  • “Do not live in the city, where you can’t hear the barking of dogs.
  • “Women and cats always do as they please; men and dogs can only relax and come to terms with this state of affairs. (A. Heinlein)

If you already have a cute pug, consider getting them a treat or a new toy, and post pictures and videos of them on social media with the hashtag #NationalPugDay to let people know it’s National Pug Day.

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