Motorola Razr 3 (5G) 2024: Price, Release Date & Full Specs

Motorola Razr 3 5G

When Motorola originally unveiled the first Razr in 2005, there were relatively few foldable phones available. Nearly 15 years later, the Motorola Razr with its folding screen was inspired by the clamshell, and the company is already preparing a third-generation model. The Motorola Razr 3 aims to address some of the shortcomings of both that initial redesign and the 5G-capable follow-up that appeared soon after. Specifically, speed, camera prowess, and battery life.

When the leak machine began leaking behind-the-scenes images, Motorola decided to join in on the fun. After setting a date for the device’s global launch, Motorola later changed its mind and pushed things back a few weeks. But not before disclosing a great deal more information about the phone. Continue reading to learn everything we currently know about the Motorola Razr 3 5G including its anticipated features, pricing, and release date.

Motorola Razr 3 Release Date

The Razr 3 will, as anticipated, make its premiere in China before moving on to Europe and other regions. Motorola declared that the clamshell would debut on August 2nd, along with the Moto X30 Pro flagship. The business previewed both phones in a post on the microblogging website Weibo. “Dual flagship” and “see you at the summit” are written in the following message. The program will begin at 7:30 CST.

Just hours before the event was scheduled to start, however, unanticipated delays caused the company to completely cancel it. The business then postponed for August 11th, but not before providing even more details about the next phone. Below is more about that.

An August announcement is earlier than anticipated because the first revived Razr was first unveiled in November 2019 but didn’t go on the market until February of the following year. On the contrary, the Razr 5G went on sale just a few weeks after making its debut in September 2020. A summer launch is an unexplored terrain in any case. Naturally, there’s a solid explanation for that: Moto completely omitted 2021, probably because of component shortages & logistical snafus brought on by the worldwide epidemic.

Confirmed hardware information for the Motorola Razr 3 2024

Before the phone’s release, Motorola effectively let all the information out, thus we are aware that the new Razr will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. That should help it become a performance powerhouse and enable it to compete with premium flagships from competing brands.

Three RAM/storage configurations are available: 8GB/128GB, 8GB/256GB, and 12GB/512GB. Again, that falls into the category of a real flagship and is consistent with leaked test data that indicated at least one model of the phone will contain a sizable 12GB of RAM. In previous rumors, it was said that 8GB and 256 or 512GB of storage, based on how much you’re ready to spend, were also possibilities.

Motorola Razr 3 5G

Motorola Razr 3 5G Specs:

The major internal display has grown to 6.7 inches, increasing both the internal and external screen sizes. It has the greatest foldable refresh rate of any 10-bit panel and supports HDR10+ video. Although the resolution hasn’t been verified, we anticipate a better-than-full-hd display rather than one with a QHD+ or greater resolution.

The Razr 5G 2.7-inch outside display is smaller, but it includes additional widgets to make it slightly more usable without having to unlock the phone. That debunks earlier rumors that said it will increase for the third-generation device.

Motorola is also improving its camera offerings. The primary camera features a 50MP sensor with optical image stabilization and a 13MP ultrawide lens with autofocus, allowing for both macro and wide-angle photography. With a 32MP sensor, the hole punch camera will be used for selfies and video calls on the interior of the folding screen.

Will the battery be a problem area? Motorola allegedly plans to use the same 2880mAh battery as the Razr 5G, according to leaked data from Digital Chat Station. Even a phone with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which is supposedly 30% more power-efficient than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, seems to have a fairly poor power efficiency rating for a phone with a flagship CPU inside. More latest rumors also suggest a 3500mAh battery, which is greater than not only the previous generation of phones but also the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3, which is undoubtedly Motorola’s main opponent. The company hasn’t yet confirmed anything.

Motorola Razr 3 5 G’s new Appearance has Been Confirmed

While Motorola is taking a more mainstream approach for the third generation of the Razr, the 2020 Razr, as well as its 5G follow-up, were remarkable pieces of technology greatly influenced by the Razr clamshells of the past with their angular “chins.”

The phone’s folded and unfolded designs are seen in images provided to the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo by Chen Jin, Lenovo Mobile’s China General Manager, showcasing a larger, outward-facing screen and brand-new hinge. When the phone is opened up, it is obvious that the chin has been removed in favor of more equally spaced display bezels. Following that, Motorola uploaded a brief teaser video on Weibo to demonstrate the existence of a dual camera on the clamshell’s exterior and a graphic illustrating which one to assume from the outer screen.

Motorola Razr 3 5G Images

The new, wider display is set to allow users to control music playback and browse through various widgets for monitoring things such as the weather without opening the phone, in addition to displaying notifications and serving as a camera viewfinder. It should be “on par” with the inside screen, according to the Weibo post, although it’s unclear whether this relates to technical specifications or functionality.

The official teaser lends more credence to previously leaked photos from 91Mobiles, which depict a boxier phone that resembles the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 more than any other Moto device. In terms of color possibilities, only black appears to be planned at launch, while a blue version could show up later on. The fingerprint sensor has shifted once more, according to later hands-on footage shared by renowned Twitter leaker Evan Blass. This time around, it will be integrated inside the power button, as opposed to the Motorola Razr 5G’s back and the OG Razr’s chin.

Motorola Razr 3 2024 Price

To compete more effectively with other polycarbonate foldable, rumors said Motorola was hoping for a price far lower than the two previous Razr phones. Especially in China, it seems like Motorola has succeeded. The Razr 3 costs 5999 Yuan at launch (about £750).

Country Price
Motorola Razr 3 Price In USA $1,399
Motorola Razr 3 Price In Canada CA$1,800
Motorola Razr 3 Price In UK £1,100
Motorola Razr 3 Price In Germany €1,300

The Razr 5G dropped to €1399 in Europe, while the new Razr launched at €1599. We had to pay £1399 for the UK, which is a 1:1 currency rate, and this trend seems likely to remain for the 2022 edition. But it’s doubtful that we’ll observe a direct rate of exchange when the phone arrives here.

The price that is currently in circulation is £1149, which would put it over its Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 closest competitor in price. Later this year, Samsung is expected to release a new version of the phone with a price that is reportedly much lower than the Z Flip 3’s £949 RRP. To better compete with its Korean rivals, Motorola should this time feature cutting-edge specifications.


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