New 2024 Motorola Edge 30 (5G): Ultra Battery Life Performance

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Battery Life

Motorola’s with the name New 2024 Edge 30 Ultra Battery Life With Big Camera has been on the market since the beginning of the year. However, the Edge 30 Ultra is the top-of-the-line model in the current batch of 3 models introduced for the global market just last week. Let’s find out how it works.

But first, some more terminology. As is customary, the Edge 30 Ultra’s doppelganger is a smartphone that is currently accessible in China under various names – the Moto X30 Pro. We don’t believe there are preparations for North American availability at this time. If previous experience is any evidence, there will probably be an alternative name for effectively the same smartphone there (obviously, if the smartphone does get it to the North American Shop). read more – Motorola 5G Phones 2024

The smartphone boasts some large statistics in a variety of categories, beginning with the 200MP primary camera, which is the first application of that sensor to arrive on our doorstep. Of course, that’s not all – it’s joined by a 50MP ultra-wide with autofocus and telephoto, but with less impressive stats (2x, 12MP). With its 60MP resolution, the selfie camera returns us to the megapixel race.

2024 Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Battery Life With Big Camera

The Edge 30 Ultra’s screen can refresh at up to 144Hz, which is not a first for a Moto but is uncommon outside of gaming phones, outpacing the rivals in another numbers game. The phone is equipped with 125W charging and includes with an adaptor that can handle it, which is another outstanding feature.

The Edge 30 Ultra, which serves as Motorola’s sort of flagship, is equipped with the newest upper Snapdragon (8+ Gen 1) processor. Additionally, it has sufficient oomph to support the “ready for” capability, which is Motorola’s interpretation of a desktop experience powered by your phone.

The IP52 classification gets us wanting more because Motorola could have gone the extra mile to ensure adequate water protection on a phone which starts at €900. Commonplace conveniences including wireless speakers, wireless connectivity, and a concealed fingerprint scanner are also there.

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

Unboxing of the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

The Edge 30 Ultra is delivered in Motorola’s newly adopted, totally plastic-free packaging. The strong two-piece recyclable cardboard box has a smaller carbon impact and performs as well as a pricier enclosure.

Smoother 6.67-inch OLED Display

The Edge 30 Ultra outperforms the competitors in at least one area of its display abilities and refreshes rate – as is typical with costlier Moto. This one officially supports 144Hz framerate, while non-gaming competitors are essentially always capped at 120Hz. The curved OLED display, known as the “Endless Edge Display,” has a resolution of 1,080×2,400 pixels and a diagonal measurement of 6.67 inches.

Motorola claims a maximum brightness of 1250 nits, which we assume applies to small white patches used in HDR apps. With the adaptable toggle on and the smartphone under bright ambient lighting, we achieved the highest luminance of 1047 units during our tests. We would describe that as an outstanding deal that only Samsung’s newest can surpass by a large margin. The 499 units we obtained when moving the slider independently are generally acceptable.

Battery life of the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra 5G 2024

The battery within the Edge 30 Ultra is 4,610mAh, somewhat greater than the 4,500mAh capacity seen in the Galaxy S22+ but less than the 5,000mAh of the OnePlus 10 Pro.

The Motorola performed admirably in our tests, with the display tests being moderately good. For instance, the 19 hours of movie playback (at a constant 60Hz) is a few hours longer than the OP’s or the Galaxy phone’s battery life.

The web browsing took 13:39 hours, which is the same as the OP’s time and an hour as well as a half less than the S22 +’s, but because the Moto performed it at a continuous 144Hz, it is all the more amazing. We repeated the experiment in Auto mode, which maintained 120 Hz for the majority of the period with occasional auto switches to 60 Hz, and that didn’t result in a noticeably faster time (14:08h).

Edge 30 Ultra Battery Life

The voicemail longevity is a little lower than that of the other two scores, as well as the lousy standby performance also didn’t help, thus the overall Longevity rating came out to 92h. However, we believe that the most significant lesson to learn from this is exceptional performance in the crucial screen-on testing.

Charging Velocity

At 166g, the 125W battery Motorola includes the Edge 30 Ultra is hefty, but when you consider that it’s a USB Power Delivery charger, its size is quite acceptable. In terms of size and compactness, it is likewise fairly small.

Those 125 watts might seem a bit exaggerated, but the phone did consistently consume 105 watts or so in the 0–10% range, followed by power readings in the mid-70s, mid–50s, and mid–40s as the battery charged.

With the help of the included adapter, we were able to charge the device from 0% to 100% in 33 minutes, with the battery monitor displaying 95% at the 30-minute point. A quick 10 minutes will charge your battery from dead to the upper 40s, which is fantastic to have for situations where you must leave the residence in a hurry but discover that your battery is lifeless.


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