New 2024 Meta Quest 4: (Updated) — Price, Full Specs & Release Date

Meta Quest 4The most widely used VR headset in history is the Oculus/Meta Quest 2. The company’s newest VR headset and replacement is the Meta Quest 4 2024. After being announced in late 2023, The Meta Quest 4 will be launched in the middle of 2024. According to Meta’s Chief Financial Officer Dave Wehner, the “next edition of the consumer Quest headgear” will be accessible in 2023.

Given that the New Quest 4 will include OLED dual displays and a pancake lens stack for its headpiece, it most likely refers to a Quest 2 successor rather than the business-oriented Quest Pro. The Quest 4 VR headset will be compact and lightweight. Similar to how Brad Lynch’s computer-aided design gives the headpiece a rounded look.

Meta Quest 4 Release Date 2024

VR Headset Release Date
Meta Quest 4 October 2024
Meta Quest 3 October 13, 2023

Key Features of Meta Quest 4 2024

Resolution 1.920 x 1.800 pixels per eye
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Display engine Dual OLED
Lenses Pancake
Field-of-view 105º+ Horizontal
RAM 8-12GB
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon XR3
GPU Adreno 730 with 2.4 Teraflops
Storage 512GB
Connectors USB-C and WIFI 6E
Battery Life 3+ hours
Interactivity Controller, hand gesture, and voice control
Audio Dual 3.5mm mini-Jack outputs, 3D audio from integrated headset speakers, and an integrated microphone array.

Meta Quest 4 2024 Review

New Meta Quest 4 Processor

As a result of the recent multi-year partnership between Meta and Qualcomm, the popular XR2 chipset featured in most existing VR headsets will be replaced with the new Snapdragon XR3 CPU in Meta Quest 4. According to tech leaker SadlyItsBradley, Meta Quest 4 reportedly has double the GPU performance of Quest 2. The Adreno 730 GPU, which boasts 2.4 Teraflops of graphic processing capability, will be mainly installed in Quest 4.

Meta Quest 4 RAM & Storage

The Quest 4 RAM and storage options may be extended to 512GB SSD and 12GB RAM. No information is provided on whether these characteristics relate to the headset’s base model or highest configuration. The Quest 2 was introduced in 2020, and displays have made significant technological strides. Pancake lenses will undoubtedly be applied to the Quest 4 device. Consequently, the Quest 4 will be more comfortable, lighter, and thinner.

New 2024 Meta Quest 4 OLED Displays

Rumour has claimed that Meta is in talks with screen maker Changxin Technology to produce two OLED panels for the Quest 4. OLED is generally regarded as the priciest and the best type of display for virtual reality. With OLED, it is possible to attain faster refresh rates, a lighter form factor, and better color accuracy and contrast. Given the increasing popularity of 120Hz refresh rates, it wouldn’t be unexpected if the Quest 4 shipped with one. Future improvements, though, may increase that figure to 144Hz or higher for even smoother performance.

Depth Sensor for Better-Mixed Reality

According to Brad Lynch, the Meta Quest 4 will be a mixed-reality headset that mimics the premium features of the Quest Pro while reducing some of them for the Quest 4.

VR Gloves

Meta may improve the experience by launching customized haptic gloves in tandem with Quest 4 to lift the standard on gaming even though the third-generation Oculus Touch controllers offer more excellent space and improved haptic feedback.

Eye and Face Tracking

“Facial tracking and eye tracking are a key priority for us whether we’re creating the next edition of Quest or the VR gear,” said Mark Zuckerberg on the Lex Friedman show.

Meta Quest 4 2024 Price

The curiosity of US tech lovers is currently at its peak as to how the VR headset Meta Quest 4 will arrive in the market with the expected price. Dear viewers, don’t worry; we still need official information on how it will be priced in the US.

However, according to estimates from trusted websites and special sources, we expect Meta Quest 4 with advanced technology to be up to 200-300 USD in the American market. But if we talk about Meta Quest 4 Pro, it will likely hit the market with the highest price tag of up to 200 USD.

Meta Quest 4 Price In USA 2024 $200, $300
Meta Quest 4 Price In UK 2024 N/A
Meta Quest 4 Price In Canada 2024 N/A
Meta Quest 4 Price In Australia 2024 N/A

For those shocked by the expensive cost of the Meta Quest 4 Pro, the pricing is much more in line with that of Meta Quest 2, which is fantastic news. Undoubtedly, the price will be more than that of Meta Quest 2, but that is to be expected. This information couldn’t have arrived at a better moment for people considering buying the Meta Quest Pro 2024.

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