New 2024 Mathews Phase4: Release Date, Price & Full Specs

Mathews Phase4

Review the Mathews Phase 4, 2024 Bow, and other information! The Phase4TM bow is the newest model from Mathews. Phase 4 is the most covert hunting system to date since it is constructed compatible with a totally redesigned series of Bridge-LockTM Stabilizers and engineered with revolutionary Resistance Phase DampingTM Technology to reduce vibration significantly. Black finish on the brand-new Mathews Phase 4. There are seven additional finishes on offer. Mathews Archery provided the image.

Design engineering manager Mark Hayes said, “For 2024, we concentrated on developing a simplified hunting system that featured the minimum amount of noise as well as felt vibrations in a fully configured bow.” As a result, the entire hunting system is approximately 13% quieter and 37% less vibrational.

Mathews Phase 4 Review/Overview

The introduction of the newest Mathews flagship bow generates a noticeable stir each year. Weeks before a debut, the online discussion usually ramps up. Global archers weigh in with their forecasts and suggestions for improving the already top-tier bows. And I guess no one expected what they would receive from the upcoming Mathews Phase 4.

The novel Resistant Phase Damping (RPD) technique from Mathews is at the core of Phase 4. RPD reduces measured vibration in the bow by up to 37% by sandwiching a layer of such vibration-dampening materials in the middle of each limb. Additionally, the difference is apparent when you reduce the oscillation of a previously low-vibration bow by more than one-third.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, the majority of us have begun screwing, attaching, or wedging some vibration-dampening equipment onto our limbs. It has been a struggle to tame the said beast ever since we discovered that the stems of our bows were primarily responsible for the noise and vibration we heard from them twenty years ago.

The Stage 4 shoots appear to have improved dramatically after the dampening substance was first included in the middle of the limb, which has never been done before. Even though it may sound repetitive, this is the quietest and vibration-free bow that the Sparta, Wisconsin, crew has ever produced.

The Bridge-Lock stabilizing technology will also be new in 2023. The Bridge-Lock stabilizing system installs directly into the riser of the bow, carrying on the trend that the integrated rest, as well as sight mounting options, started. This offers a firmer and more stable mounting alternative than conventional techniques.

You can personalize your setup to get the sweet spot that works best for you by adjusting the length of the stabilizer through 1/2-inch increments with the provided quick-disconnect knob. Eight–, ten–, and twelve-inch Bridge-Lock stabilizers offer, as well as a rear-mount bracket.

Technology Resistance Phase DampingTM, NEW

The smoothest throwing archery mechanism Mathews has ever produced is the result of Resistance Phase DampingTM (RPD), which eliminates vibration at its source. This ground-breaking invention immediately addresses excess energy in the limbs, greatly deadening and silencing post-shot vibration.

When used in conjunction with our brand-new Bridge-Lock stabilizers, Hayes claims that RPD’s actual usefulness is maximized. “We challenged standard stabilizer design and created a dramatically better bar that is more balanced, absorbs more vibration, and allows hunters to fine-tune their setup, such as, never before,” the authors write.

Stabilizers Bridge-LockTM NEW

The new Bridge-Lock Stabilizers build on Mathews’ exclusive Bridge-Lock Technology by providing more robust balancing points as well as a stiffer linkage to your bow for more vibration dampening and increased stabilization.

With a revised threadless, stacking weight system which only demands one set screw for rapid adjustments, InterLinkTM Weight Device allows adding as well as removing stabilizer weights simpler than ever before. The Bridge-LockTM Stabilizers have a quick-disconnect knob that enables adjustment in 12″ increments and provides a new degree of harmonic tuning as well as customization in a single bar. Eight finish variations are provided along with length options of 8″, 10″, and 12″ to finish your hunting system.

Axle-to-axle lengths for the new Phase 4 are 29″ or 33″. The Phase4 29 supports draws with sizes ranging from 25.5″ to 30″ and has a bracing height of 6″. The Phase4 33 can accommodate draws with lengths between 27″ and 31.5″ and has a bracing height of 6.5″.

There are eight different finish possibilities for Phase 4. offers more details, mostly on 2024 Phase 4 and the new accessories line, and your regional Mathews retailer has them in stock right now.

Concerning Mathews Archery

For more than 31 years, Mathews Archery has dedicated itself to improving the archery experience. All Mathews turns creat and manufacture in Sparta, Wisconsin, in the United States and are sold through independent merchants all over the world. Visit to view the whole lineup of top target and hunting bows, as well as the 2024 unique product guide.


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