New 2024 macOS 15: Review, rumors, Price and Release date

macOS 15macOS is the most popular operating system in the world. What features and changes will macOS 15 include and what will its official name be, will it receive substantial AI-related updates.

Apple is expected to unveil its upcoming operating system macOS 15 at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. This event is historically held in June of each year.

In this article, we’ve discussed all the rumors we know about macOS 15 so far, including the release date, new features, possible names, and more. Let’s dive into the article to know the details.

macOS 15 AI Details:

macOS 15 is going to be a big focal point at iOS WWDC. It’s basically the digital assistant, Siri, rumored to get a big AI boost. Which will provide users with enhanced convenience in conversation, understanding and personalization. macOS 15 is expected to integrate Apple’s iOS 18 with OpenAI to further integrate technology including ChatGPT.

According to MacRumors, these new AI features will be integrated. However, macOS users must have at least an M1 chip on their devices to be able to use the AI ​​features. Note that this will disappoint people who still use older Intel-based Macs.

Also in macOS 15, according to MacRumors, Apple can supposedly prepare several cross-platform AI-powered features. For example:

  • AI-assisted slide deck creation in Keynote
  • Features of writing AI code in Xcode
  • AI-generated Apple Music playlists
  • AI-assisted writing on the page

What is the Name of macOS 15?

macOS 15 is expected to be named after a California landmark. Apple’s trademarked potential names include: Mammoth, Pacific, Rincon, Farallon, Miramar, Condor, Diablo, Redwood, Grizzly, Shasta & Sequoia.

Apple may also name one of the previous iterations of macOS in honor of California landmarks such as: Ventura, Sonoma, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, & Monterey. But alternatively, Apple could use a non-trademarked name, according to rumors.

macOS 15 Expected Vital Features:

Apple is known for being methodical when it comes to introducing any product feature. When Apple finally releases its version of macOS 15, it might get some features that we hope and want to see:

  • A Revamp of System Settings: Users expect to see a new design or a refreshed design of the operating system’s menus and apps.
  • A Smarter Siri for Mac Devices: Improved, smarter and upgraded Siri and a new version of the digital assistant for desktop is also expected. Also expect it to have all the features and capabilities of the mobile version
  • Improved Gaming Capabilities for Macs: For game developers, macOS 15 may introduce advancements to make them better suited for gaming, which will help make versions of games more profitable.
  • On-Device and Cloud-Based AI: macOS 15 may include a variety of on-device and cloud-based AI features such as summarizing content, generating email or text replies, creating emojis and photo editing, etc.

macOS 15 Compatible Devices List:

If the rumors turn out to be true, your Mac must have an M1 Apple Silicon chip or updated to enable Apple’s new AI features. It’s only right that Apple will make things clear at WWDC. However, following are the devices that may be able to run macOS 15 versions as expected:

  • 2017 iMac Pro
  • 2018 or later MacBook Air
  • 2018 or later Mac Mini
  • 2018 or later MacBook Pro
  • 2019 or later iMac
  • 2019 or later Mac Pro
  • 2022 or later Mac Studio

When is macOS 15 Released?

Apple doesn’t keep much mystery about the release dates of any of its products. Almost every OS update came between September and November. But according to trusted websites Apple is expected to announce macOS 15 at WWDC 2024 on June 10, then we will probably get an official release date about macOS 15.

So stay tuned to our website we will update here as soon as we get the exact release date.

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