Happy Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – (Jan 9, 2024): Quotes, Wishes & Images

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Happy Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – (January 9, 2024): Quotes, Wishes & Images is commemorated annually on January 9. It is a day to thank the police officers you know for their work to protect the community. Police officers put their lives in danger daily while doing their duties, and their line of work is usually underappreciated. Express your appreciation for the commitment of your friends and relatives who have chosen to serve in your town’s law enforcement agencies.

This holiday was inspired by the 2014 police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, and the accompanying unrest and hostility, which C.O.P.S. is hoping would change. By discouraging the recent negative media attention that police officers have received, they want to enhance the public’s opinion of police personnel.

Since more than 900,000 law enforcement personnel are in the nation, C.O.P.S. believes assisting them in times of need is critical. As a result, the holiday brings attention to the difficult choices that police officers face every day to uphold the law and the welfare of the people. Please join us in celebrating National Law Enforcement Day on Monday, January 9, 2023! This day is held each year to express our appreciation and gratitude for law enforcement officers across the United States and here in our beautiful Town of Gorham.

Some Interesting facts about National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2024:

  • More than 900,000 policemen in the U.S. police force have taken oaths to defend the nation. Only 12% of them are women.
  • The United States Congress formed the first national police on September 24, 1789. President George Washington appointed thirteen United States Marshals.
  • There were 58,886 attacks on law enforcement officers in 2018, and 18,000 injuries were reported.
  • New York City has the most significant number of officers killed while carrying out their duties, at 700. Vermont had 23 fewer fatalities than Texas, which had lost 1600 police officers.

Top 05 Interesting Facts about National Law Enforcement Day

  • The colloquial term “cop” traces its etymology to the copper buttons adorning early American law enforcement attire.
  • Delving into historical annals, the inception of the first organized police force in Paris dates back to 1667.
  • Renowned as the trailblazing innovator of modern police techniques, Sir Robert Peel carefully constructed the foundation upon which the London Metropolitan Police was built in the crucial year of 1829.
  • Birthed in 1908, the F.B.I. initially bore the moniker “Bureau of Investigation.”
  • Heralding back to 1907, police K-9 units, canine companions of the force, were instituted.

Importance of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2024

Here are some explanations of why Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is so important.

  • Through this event, we show our support for police enforcement and let them know that we are aware of the risks they face daily to keep us safe.
  • We should appreciate those who risk their lives to ensure our safety. Because of their dedicated effort, people may get a good night’s sleep.
  • Fighting crime is a labour-intensive endeavour that requires daily dedication, regardless of circumstances. Therefore, we must express our gratitude for all of their efforts to our guardians.
  • Appreciation Day is significant and memorable for all U.S. law enforcement personnel. It encourages people to continue doing their tasks with the same level of commitment.
  • The day’s goal is to raise awareness of how important it is for people to take risks with their lives to reduce crime.

How do you celebrate Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2024?

There are various ways you can help your local police department on this day. Here are some suggestions:

  • You may present a wonderful food basket and a message of thanks to the local police officers.
  • Arrange a public gathering to show your support for the police.
  • Wear blue for the day and spread the Law Enforcement Appreciation Day news to express your thanks.
  • “We know the world is safe because you are there for us. Warm greetings on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to all the officers…”
  • “Warm wishes on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to those who work hard to improve our lives in so many ways…”

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 9 Monday
2024 January 9 Tuesday
2025 January 9 Thursday
2026 January 9 Friday
2027 January 9 Saturday

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Wishes 2024

  • “We know you are protecting the law; therefore, we have nothing to fear. Wishing a very Happy National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2024 to you…”
  • “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day gives all of us a chance to be thankful to the officers guarding us all the time…”
  • “On National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, we wish all our officers and pray for your protection and happiness…”
  • “Wishing a very Happy National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to all the officers out there enforcing the law and protecting us all…”
  • We don’t have enough words to thank you for the good job you are doing. Warm wishes on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2024.


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