January 2023 Calendar Nepal (PDF) – Time & Date

Nepali Patro is another name for the January 2023 Calendar Nepal (PDF) – Time & Date. You may access the Daily Panchang of Nepal as well as information on Government and Bank Holidays, Nepali Festivals, Puja, Nepali Horoscope, Marriage Dates, and Bratabandha, among other things. Also available at your fingertips are cultural celebrations of various ethnic, tribal, and social diversity in Nepal. For Nepalese people and Nepali speakers everywhere, this calendar is helpful.


Additionally, we have developed a brand-new Nepali calendar called Smart Patro that is only available for the iPhone. It is very user-friendly and has many functions, including Calendar, Date Converter, Rashifal, Forex / Exchange Rate, Gold & Silver, Nepali News, Nepali FM Radio, Panchang, and more.

January 2023 Calendar Nepal

Calendar for January 2023 (Nepal)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31

Widget code for the Nepali Calendar

An online calendar for Nepal is displayed. Wherever you want the Nepali calendar to appear on your website, just place the calendar code there once. Height and width can be changed. To produce calendar code, change the necessary width and height below, then click Get Code. It is compatible with HTTPS.

Select the responsive checkbox to make this calendar widget mobile-friendly. Your responsive website’s responsive widget code will automatically adjust the width. Visit the calendar widget for a complete calendar widget with upcoming events and event festivals.


Nepali Calendar widgets’ Characteristics

The Nepali calendar is flexible, lightweight, and dual calendar in Nepali and English, a holiday with red lettering marking it as such, Mouseover any day to see events, the Current date highlighted, next and previous months for the current year The calendar updates according to Nepali time (GMT+5:45). support HTTPS now

Features of Nepali calendar widgets

1970 B.S. to 2080 B.S. calendar Festivals and this for 2079, 2080, and 2081 B.S. Events similar to this for 1970–2080 B.S. Gregorian calendar in addition to the Bikram sambat Nepali calendar.


Calendar Nepal

Calendar Nepal

Observances & Holidays in Nepali Calendar:

  • 22 Jan Sonam Losar (Tamang New Year)
  • 26 Jan Basant Panchami (academic)
  • 18 Feb Maha Shivaratri
  • 19 Feb National Democracy Day
  • 8 Mar Nari Dibas
  • 14 Apr Nepali New Year
  • 22 Apr Ramjan Edul Fikra (Muslims only)
  • 1 May Majdoor Divas
  • 5 May Buddha Jayanti
  • 29 May Ganatantra Diwas (Republic Day)
  • 29 Jun Edul Aajaha
  • 30 Aug Janai Purnima
  • 1 Sep Gai Jatra (Kathmandu Only)
  • 6 Sep Gaura Parba
  • 6 Sep Shree Krishna Janamashtami
  • 18 Sep Hartalika Teej (Women only)
  • 19 Sep Constitution Day
  • 15 Oct Ghatasthapana
  • 21 Oct Phulpati (Dashain)
  • 22 Oct Astami (Dashain)
  • 23 Oct Nawami (Dashain)
  • 24 Oct Dashami (Dashain)
  • 25 Oct Ekadashi (Dashain)
  • 11 Nov Phalgunanda Jayanti
  • 12 Nov Laxmi Puja (Tihar)
  • 14 Nov Gobhardan Pujan (Tihar)
  • 15 Nov Bhai Tika (Tihar)
  • 19 Nov Chhat Parwa
  • 27 Nov Guru Nanak Jayanti (Sikhs only)
  • 3 Dec International Day of Disabled Persons (Disabled people only)
  • 25 Dec Christmas Day (Christians only)
  • 26 Dec Udhauli Parva
  • 30 Dec Tamu Lhosar

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