January 2023 Calendar Canada PDF Download And World Excel

Here is Canada calendar for January 2023 Calendar Canada PDF Download And World Excel. This printable calendar can be printed for nothing at all. Is this what you have planned? So, to access the print page, click the red button. Navigate the website using the links to select a different calendar or a global version, to view a different month or even a different year.


January 2023 Calendar Canada

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

New Year’s Day


Bank Holiday (QC)

3 4 5 6 7

Orthodox Christmas

8 9 10 11

Sir John A. Macdonald



12 13 14

Orthodox New Year

15 16

Martin Luther King Jr.

17 18 19 20 21

Chinese New Year

23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 31

January 2023 Calendar Canada and Celebrations

01Sun-New Year’s Day


02 Mon -National Science Fiction Day

02 Mon- World Introvert Day

04 Wed-World Braille Day

04 Wed-World Hypnotism Day

05 Thu-National Bird Day

06 Fri-Epiphany

06 Fri- National Cuddle Up Day

07 Sat-Orthodox Christmas

08 Sun-National Bubble Bath Day

11 Wed-National Clean Off Your Desk Day

11 Wed- National Milk Day

14 Sat- National Dress Up Your Pet Day

14 Sat- World Logic Day

15 Sun- National Bagel Day

18 Wed- Museum Selfie Day

18 Wed- National Thesaurus Day

19 Thu-National Popcorn Day

21 Sat-National Squirrel Appreciation Day

21 Sat- World Religion Day

23 Mon- International Integrative Health Day

23 Mon- National Pie Day

24 Tue- International Day of Education

24 Tue- National Peanut Butter Day

26 Thu- Bell Let’s Talk Day

26 Thu- International Customs Day

26 Thu-National Spouses Day

27 Fri-International Holocaust Remembrance Day

27 Fri- National Chocolate Cake Day

27 Fri- National Fun at Work Day

28 Sat- National Lego Day

29 Sun- National Puzzle Day

30 Mon- National Croissant Day

31 Tue-National Backward Day

January 2023 Calendar Canada and Observances

1:New Year’s Day,

2:’New Year’s Day day off, 6: Epiphany

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