New 2024 iPhone 16 AI Features: All the Biggest Rumors So Far

iPhone 16 AI

Brand Apple
Model iPhone 16 2024
Starting Price $1100

New 2024 iPhone 16 AI Features: All the Biggest Rumors So Far Smartphone will debut as a unique and modern Smartphone. This aesthetic Smartphone has 5G advanced support, Wi-Fi 7, an A18 Pro chip and iOS 18. We will also get a 48MP ultra-wide camera lens for this Smartphone. Today, We will discuss the expected AI features of the iPhone 16 in detail. Let’s dive into the full article.

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2024 iPhone 16 All Expected AI Features:

Here, we give you the iPhone 16 with All the Expected AI Features. Let’s take a brief look.

Siri 2.0:

Upgrading Siri will significantly improve artificial intelligence in this latest Smartphone. Apple has been making steady progress with improvements to the language model. Although this is a rumour, hopefully, if it turns out to be accurate, Apple will give this Smartphone a major upgrade in terms of AI features.

Advanced Machine Learning:

Apple iPhone 16 deserves to be among the advanced features thanks to its upcoming A18 processor. It is said to have an upgraded neural engine for advanced machine learning and AI tasks. It is also capable of performing exclusive AI tasks on this device. This Smartphone from Apple can rely on an internet connection to cloud servers.


According to Mark Gurman, iMessage is expected to be supported on the latest iPhone 16 Smartphone. Apple is rumoured to be moving towards integration with the Messages app. If that’s the case, Apple is gearing up for a breakthrough in messaging. iMessage will work with “field questions and auto-complete sentences,” which could make a huge difference.

Apple iPhone 16 AI Image Editing:

Among the rumoured AI features, we expect to be exclusive to the iPhone 16. Regarding AI image editing, this Smartphone is expected to have features including Magic Editor and Generative Edit. These features will define the future flavour of image editing.

Generative AI iPhone 16 2024:

An exciting AI feature for iPhone users can be added to this Smartphone. Rumours suggest that Apple may add a generative AI tool to make it easier for developers to create apps for the iPhone. The Smartphone will also likely add similar automation AI features for Apple Music playlists and slides in Keynote software.

  • Generative AI built into Siri
  • Smart video editing
  • Supercharged translation tools
  • Clever call screening
  • Supercharged Maps

Apple iPhone 16 2024 Price:

Here, we give you the iPhone 16 Prices in different countries. Let’s see.

Country Name Expected Price
iPhone 16 Price In USA 2024 Start at $1100
iPhone 16 Price In UK 2024  £950
iPhone 16 Price In Canada 2024 CA$ 1296
iPhone 16 Price In Australia 2024 AUD1399
iPhone 16 Price In Germany 2024 €902
iPhone 16 Price In Singapore 2024 SGD1320

iPhone 16 Release Date 2024:

There is no end to the curiosity about the Apple iPhone 16 release date. However, no information about the official release date by Apple is sufficient. However, based on the estimates of various websites and unique sources, this Smartphone may hit the global market in September 2024.

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