International Mine Awareness Day 2023: Best Quotes, Theme & Wishes

International Mine Awareness Day 2023: Best Quotes, Theme & Wishes – All You Need To Know…Happy International Mine Awareness Day is observed annually on April 4 to increase attention among people regarding assistance for mine action work, raise awareness about landmines and the threats to the safety of humans and work towards their eradication.

Like every year on this day, the United Nations-supported platforms are organizing and carrying out activities so that the threat posed by mines and explosives can be reduced. Besides, The mine action community worldwide, headed by the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), will be launching some activities a week in advance.

International Mine Awareness Day

International Mine Awareness Day Theme & Significance

This year, the United Nations will advance my activity by featuring how “Constancy, Partnership, and Progress”. We have helped the area through this difficult year. This will likewise be the topic of this current year. The area kept on conveying results, satisfying commitments, reviewing, clearing, preparing, and killing the danger of landmines and dangerous weapons.

International Mine Awareness Day 2023 Time

This year, the theme of International Mine Awareness Day stands for “Safe Ground, Safe Steps, Safe Home”. Here, United Nations Mine Action will focus on the remarkable achievements of the global mine action community.

Secretary-General’s Message for 2023

Peace brings no assurance of safety when roads and fields are mined when unexploded ordnance threatens the return of displaced populations, and when children find and play with shiny objects that explode.

History Of International Mine Awareness Day

The General Assembly approved the decision on December 8, 2005. Declared April 4 of each year to be observed as the International Day. The Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action. With the UN and other related organizations’ contribution. The service calls for continued several actions to promote the growth of national mine-action capacities in places.

Where mines and explosives add up to a threat to the lives of civilians. The work of the UNMAS for the last 20 years encouraged the needs of affected individuals and adapted to the threat of hazards encountered by humanitarians.

International Mine Awareness Day Quotes 2023

“Youth is energetic, hopeful, smart, fearless, and determined. Youth is making the impossible possible. Youth is the future of the country, Celebrate this phase of life on International Day for Mine Awareness 2023…”

“For a country to progress and prosper, it needs hard-working, dedicated, and disciplined youth. Wishing you a very Happy International Day of Mine Awareness 2023…”

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