New Apple HomePod 2 (2nd Gen): Price, Release Date & Rumors

New Apple HomePod 2 (2nd Gen): Price, Release Date & Rumors. Just You Can read the full Post Below. Recently, Apple Authority announced a 2nd-Gen HomePod Smart Speaker Despite discontinuing the original version nearly two years prior. We know that Apple Technology is one of the most popular in the world.

How Much Does the Apple HomePod 2 Cost?

As Far As, The Apple HomePod 2 Costs $299/£299/€349 and comes in either midnight (black) or white colors.

Brand Apple
Model HomePod 2/ HomePod Mini 2
Price USA $299/£
Price Euro /£299/€349
Release Date February 3, 2023

According to Special Source, It comes as some surprise given the demise of the first Apple HomePod, which was reportedly not selling at the volume of Apple HomePod.

Strong competition from rival speaker products such as Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Nest Hub could have contributed to that, as perhaps did Apple’s high price and concentration on the Apple HomePod as a music and entertainment speaker rather than a smart Siri assistant of Apple.

The Apple Home Pod Mini 2 adds a couple of new Quality Features but is visually identical to the first version this year. It joins the smaller Apple HomePod Mini on sale from Apple.

Apple HomePod 2 Specs

The HomePod 2 First Looks very similar to the original HomePod. It keeps the mesh fabric design and the touch controls on the top. There are no physical buttons but touch controls for volume and tapping to play/pause. This screen on the top is not a full display but does show the purply blobby hues of the Siri orb when you ask it stuff.

When will the Apple HomePod 2 Price and Release Date?

HomePod (2nd generation) is available to order for $299 (US) from and in the Apple Store app in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK, the US, and 11 other countries and regions starting today, with availability beginning Friday, 03 February.

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