Happy Independent Bookstore Day 2023: Exclusives, Chicago, History & Catalog

Happy Independent Bookstore Day 2023: Exclusives, Chicago, History & Catalog…When most people think of bookstores, they think of Barnes and Noble, or even perhaps the long-forgotten and well-missed Borders bookstores. However, there are also those small local bookstores that seem so iconic in someone’s hometown. But they never really get the attention they deserve. Thus, Happy Independent Bookstore Day was born. For those who are a fan of the written word. The bound liturgy, the totality of textbooks, the valor of vellum, and the preponderance of parchment. Now is the time to sound that battle cry for Happy Independent Bookstore Day 2023.


Honoring more than 500 independent bookstores. Happy Independent Bookstore Day is a one-day national event that takes place at indie bookstores across the country on the last Saturday in April. The day began in California in 2014 and is modeled after the extremely successful Record Store Day. Every store is unique and Happy Independent Bookstore Day Quotes and the celebrations reflect this.

independent bookstore day

In addition to authors, live music, cupcakes, scavenger hunts, kids’ events, art tables, readings, barbecues, contests, and other fun stuff. There are exclusive books and literary items that you can get only on that day.  Independent bookstores are not just stories; they’re community centers and local anchors run by passionate readers. They are entire universes of ideas that contain the possibility of real serendipity.

How to Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day?

Enjoying and celebrating Happy Independent Bookstore Day can be loads of fun! Look into some of these ways of observing this important day:


Dates of Independent Bookstore Day 2023

2023 Saturday, April 29th Independent Bookstore Day

2022 Saturday, April 30th Independent Bookstore Day

Watch a Film about a Bookstore?

Some fun and interesting movies have been made featuring bookstores and their owners. Invite some friends over and watch one of these films in celebration of Happy Independent Bookstore Day 2023.

  • You’ve Got Mail (1998). In this rom-com, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan play two characters who fall in love but need to overcome the fact that they each run very different types of bookstores.
  • Notting Hill (1999). The owner of a travel bookshop in Notting Hill, played by Hugh Grant, falls in love with a movie star portrayed by Julia Roberts in this romantic comedy.
  • The Bookshop (2017). Emily Mortimer plays a bookshop owner who tries to open a bookstore in a small coastal town in England in the late 1950s.
  • The Booksellers (2019). This documentary is a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the rare book world in New York City.

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