Happy Chinese New Year Quotes 2021, Status, Sayings & Greetings


Happy Chinese New Year Quotes 2021, Status, Sayings & Greetings! New Year was celebrated all over the world a few days ago. Again, there is the opportunity to celebrate the New Year for a long time. Only in China can this trend be noticed more. In no country is it celebrated twice a year. But in China, the policy is a little different. They celebrate the New Year for the second time. It is usually celebrated on 12th February. The New Year lasts for about sixteen days.


New Year’s Eve begins at about seven o’clock. Social activities start from New Year’s Day. They dance, sing and eat a lot of food on this day. Also, they wish everyone peace. This day extends the hand of love to each other.

happy chinese new year quotes

Happy Chinese New Year Quotes 2021, Status, Sayings & Greetings

  • May wealth always come your way? May it be auspicious and as you wish. A Charm to Bring Satisfaction and Happiness 2021 Chinese New Year…”
  • I give you endless brand-new good wishes. Please accept them as a new remembrance of our lasting friendship…”
  • Happy New Year! Always welcome the new morning with a new spirit, a smile on your face, love in your heart, and good thoughts in your mind…”
  • The New Year is here and I am sure it will bring fresh challenges. But may God give you the strength to overcome them all and further climb the ladder of success…”
  • May God always blesses you, your elders always guide you and your peers always provide you company in whatever you do. 2021 New Year Chinese …”
  • God bless you with supreme courage and strength to turn the stones, as thrown in your life’s path, into milestones of prosperity and success…”
  • Sending you lots of good wishes for the year ahead. But do remember to appreciate some wonderful moments that you celebrated in the year gone by…”
  • Wishing you and your family a happy Chinese New Year 2021. May the New Year bring you lots of happiness and prosperity…’’
  • May your heart be filled with happiness, love, and contentment as you celebrate the new beginning?
  • May you get endless good wishes this Chinese New Year 2021? Please accept my wishes as a remembrance of our long-lasting friendship…’’
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