101+ Australia Day 2024 – HD Images, Wishes & Quotes

Happy Australia Day

101+ Australia Day 2024 – HD Images, Wishes, & Quotes On January 26, everyone celebrates all that is Australian. We participate in the celebrations held by the 26,000,000 Australians to mark the anniversary of the country’s colonization in 1788.

Australia is regarded as a premier tourism and living destination. The world’s oldest, driest, and flattest habitable continent has a lot to teach us and give us something to admire. Continue reading to learn history and get great tips for celebrating Australia Day 2024!

Date of Australia Day 2024

Australia’s National Day, which falls on January 26, is a public holiday. It commemorates Captain Arthur Phillip hoisting the British flag in 1788 when the First Fleet of British Ships arrived at Port Jackson, New South Wales. When January 26 falls on even a Saturday or Sunday in any State or Territory, the public holiday is transferred to the Monday.

Year Date Day
2023 January 26 Thursday
2024 January 26 Friday
2025 January 26 Sunday

Address for Australia Day and Family Fun Fair

Amar Singh, the inspiring founder of Turbans 4 Australia and the NSW Local Hero of the Year, will give the Australia Day speech in 2024. This yearly event offers Australians a special chance to hear from a well-known person as they passionately discuss issues they believe to be of national significance. The Western Sydney presentation is open to the public, and it will be followed by a Family Fun Fair that offers a free lunch and other family-friendly activities.

Happy Australia Day 2024! Wishes and Greetings:

  • “Cheers to all the good things that have been done to make Australia proud. Wishing a very Australia Day to everyone…”
  • “Happy Australia Day to all. Today is the day when every Australian should take pride in being a citizen of such an amazing country…”
  • “Let us celebrate Australia Day by thanking all those who have contributed to the success of our country. Warm wishes on Australia Day 2024…”
  • “The right way to celebrate Australia Day is by making a promise to ourselves that we will always work towards the prosperity of our country. Happy Australia Day 2024…”

Ideas for Celebrating a Unique 2024

  • Rejoice for the Australian of the Year!

The Australian Year Awards have been given out in connection with Australia Day since the 1960s to honor outstanding individuals nationwide. The recipients are chosen for exemplifying excellence in their fields, making major contributions to their communities and countries, and acting as role models for Australian residents. Give a shout-out to all the winners on social media because the ceremony will be broadcast!

Happy Australia Day

  • Put a shrimp on the grill.

Australia Day, which falls in summer, is frequently observed by barbecuing. The most typical foods are lamb chops, beef steaks, and sausages; however, Australian slang is also often used. Even if they use the slang, Australians are likely to call a “shrimp on the barbie” a prawn. Other slang terms include “g’day” for greeting, “thongs” for flip-flops, “brekky” for breakfast, “bogan” for rednecks, and “bloody oath” for “yes” or “true.”

Happy Australia Day Quotes 2024:

  • “Wishing you a very Happy Australia Day. May this occasion be a day full of celebrations for you. Wishing you cheerful and blessed times with your family and friends in Australia…”
  • “Wishing a very Happy Australia Day to you. May this significant day be full of celebrations and good times for you and your family members…”
  • “On the occasion of Australia Day, I wish you make your country proud just the way you are making your company proud of you. Happy Australia Day 2024…”
  • “Warm greetings on Australia Day to you. You have always been an amazing boss and I am sure you are a fantastic citizen of your country too…”
  • Observe the Ferrython.

On January 26, at about 11 a.m., Sydney, one of Australia’s largest cities, will see a unique sight. Visit the renowned Sydney Harbor to witness the yearly ferry race that starts at Barangaroo Wharf and ends at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. One of the most well-known events in the nation, this renowned event features breathtaking vistas. Even though it’s free, you can attempt to secure tickets on one of the boats for a fee.

  • Koalas and kangaroos

Most people associate Australia, where kangaroos and koalas originated, with these creatures. People enjoy seeing these creatures because they are cute and exciting, and they aspire to see them when traveling to the country. In Australia, there are more than 50 million kangaroos. Two kangaroos are there for each individual. Koala numbers are substantially lower, at around 43,000.

Happy Australia Day

  • Gorgeous Beaches

Over 80% of Australians reside 50 kilometers or less from the shore. If you explored one new beach every day, it would take 27 years to visit all 10,000+ beaches nationwide. Yes, humans are all envious, but this is only one of the reasons Australia is a great place to travel.

Funny Happy Australia Day 2024: Messages

  • “Dear brother, wishing you a happy Australia Day. Do bring me a good snack on the way from the other room when you come to wish me, I am too lazy to step out in front of the TV…”
  • “I wish my loving friend a happy Australia Day. I send loving gifts for you to celebrate the day and expect you to gift me something, too; otherwise, you know how ignorant I can be,
  • “Loving sister, I wish you a happy Australia Make sure to not steal my favorite dress to wear at your celebration parties. My eyes on you this time…”
  • Outside World

Australian beaches have previously been highlighted, but did you also know that the country has 550 national parks? Fifteen other marvels that are recognized on the World Heritage list? Australia has a plethora of outdoor adventure opportunities. Nevertheless, experiencing modern city life is also not too far away; places like Melbourne have consistently been ranked as the most livable cities in the world.

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