New (2024) GoPro Karma Drone: Price, Full Specs & Release Date

GoPro Karma Drone

The GoPro Karma Drone is a flying camera that captures impressive aerial shots and footage. It can reach up to 35 miles per hour and travel up to 6500 feet in altitude. GoPro Karma Drone has various features, including obstacle avoidance, follow me, and Waypoint mode.

It can also be used with the GoPro app to control the drone, access settings, and even live stream your flights. The Karma Drone 2024 is expected to feature enhanced camera technology, improved battery life, and a more powerful motor for faster speeds and longer flight times. Additionally, it is expected to come with advanced features such as obstacle avoidance, enhanced follow-me mode, and more.

The GoPro of Karma Drone hasn’t been entirely happy! Several complaints about its battery life and initial flaw led to many of these drones falling. This product has been through many rough patches, so much so that it had to be discontinued in 2018! We will discuss more about that later. Now, let’s cover a few important technical details and key features of the GoPro Karma Drone.

GoPro Karma Drone 2024 Specification

Maximum speed 35 mph (56km/h)
Range (Max Distance from Controller) 0.62 miles (1 km)
Maximum flight altitude 14,500 feet (4,500m)
Operating frequency 2.4 GHz.
Maximum wind resistance 22 mph (35km/h)
Dimensions (opened) 303mm x 411mm x 117mm
Dimensions (folded) 365.2mm x 224.3mm x 89.9 mm
Propeller length 10 inches (25.4 cm)
Weight 2.2 pounds (1kg)

GoPro Karma Drone 2024 Key Features

Camera: The drone is compatible with GoPro Hero 4, Hero 5 Black, and Hero 5 Session cameras and features. A unique design where the camera is placed on the nose instead of underneath the fuselage. The stabilization mount ensures smooth footage with the gimbal, even during shaky flights.

Controller: The drone comes with a controller that weighs 625 grams and features a built-in 5-inch 720p touchscreen with a peak brightness of 700 nits. The controller offers one-touch takeoff and landing, and its battery lasts approximately 4 hours.

Is There an Alternative GoPro Karma Drone?

Yes, there are alternative drones that can be used with GoPro cameras. Some popular alternatives to the GoPro Karma drone include DJI Mavic Air 2: This drone is an excellent alternative to the Karma drone and is compatible with the GoPro HERO 7, 8, and 9 cameras. The Mavic Air 2 offers advanced features such as 4K video recording and obstacle avoidance. Also, a maximum flight time of up to 34 minutes.

GoPro Karma Drone

DJI Phantom 4 Pro: Another popular option, the Phantom 4 Pro, is compatible with the GoPro HERO 4, HERO 5, HERO 6, HERO 7, and HERO 8 cameras. This drone offers a 4K camera, a 3-axis gimbal, and obstacle avoidance sensors. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium: This drone is compatible with the GoPro HERO cameras and features a 4K camera, a 3-axis gimbal, and a maximum flight time of up to 25 minutes.

Shortly after its release, the Karma drone experienced technical problems, including power failures and loss of control during flights. This led to a recall of all Karma drones in November 2016. While GoPro eventually fixed the issues, the recalls and negative publicity significantly impacted the drone’s reputation.

Additionally, the market for consumer drones has become increasingly competitive, with well-established companies like DJI dominating the market. GoPro faced challenges competing with companies with more experience and a more comprehensive range of products.

How Much Price GoPro Karma Drone 2024?

Country Name Price
GoPro Karma Drone 2024 Price in the USA Start at $799
GoPro Karma Drone 2024 Price in the UK £999
GoPro Karma Drone 2024 Price in Canada CA$1,059
GoPro Karma Drone 2024 Price in Germany €722
GoPro Karma Drone 2024 Price in Australia AU$1,172

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