New 2023 Google Pixel Watch LTE Smartwatch Review & Full Specs

New 2023 Google Pixel Watch LTE Smartwatch Review & Full Specs! It’s time for growth. For Good things who didn’t want to wait – or do they? In past years, some good rumors about a Pixel Watch flying in the sky. Now it has become a reality and has to calculate up to some powerful contestants. Our experiment checks out its power and weaknesses.


Earlier, The Pixel Watch is Google’s first own smartwatch in working together with Fitbit. As it gives only a single size with a 41-mm diameter. The body is formed of stainless steel and here in three different colors: Champagne Gold, Polished Silver, or matte Black.

Google Pixel Watch LTE

While the watch takes part with a sports wristband in one of the colors. Google also creates an appearance with more than 20 dissimilar additional wristbands. The Pixel Watch will perform as a Wi-Fi or LTE feature with its own eSIM. Our experiment section has a black case and black wristband and also assists LTE.

Google Pixel Watch LTE Description

Fact, the Pixel Watch is shaped of stainless steel or maximum the bottom half of it. Above the wristband editor and in the center of the crown.The steel metamorphoses into the glass, with the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 bloated up to display.


The management of clothing and the watch can be fixed in the app. trust on how much you want the crown to direct the hand or toward the arm. All the instructions mention putting the watch on the left arm with the crown order toward the hand. The monarch can be mature and narrow and can optionally share haptic feedback using a vibration motor. There is a standard key feature that hardly moves on from the case above the crown. Both activity climates offer a corrupted pressure point and don’t wobble.

No immediate signs of wear were visible during testing but some stains did appear. Google developed two separate microphones, one set under the crown and another one opposite side. There is also added a small speaker opposite the crown. The wristbands can be changed without tapping any tools. You can see a nice tutorial about the app. Afterward, The wristband measurements were 20 mm. but since Google utilizes its own system. To buy a smartwatch you have to order the wristbands directly from the producer.


Setup and Operation

If you see on the Pixel Watch, a smartphone nearby will show a similar notification – like how Apple does it. In conclusion, the smartphone asks permission to confirm you installed the Google Pixel Watch app. This software need allows you to set up and keep in touch with smartwatches. But, sorry ForiOS, the app is not supported that.

Google Pixel Watch LTE

You have to signing-in with a Google account, the setup process provides you with several functions. There are so many animated tutorials like on how to adjust the watch, change the wristbands, etc.


Initial Information

1. Brand Google
2. Model Watch
3. Full Name Google Pixel Watch LTE
4. Price “$ 312.00 / € 332.74”
5. Release Date Released 2022, October 13
6. Current Status available
8. Display size 1.18 inch
9. Display type capacitive, Amoled, glossy
10. PPI 320
11. Processor “ Samsung Exynos 9110 2 x 1.2 GHz, ARM Cortex-A53”
12. Battery type Lithium-Ion
13. Battery capacity 294 mAh
14. Talk time 24 hour
15. Operating System Google Wear OS 3
16. Network “802.11 b/g/n (b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4), Bluetooth 5.0, LTE, GPS”
17. weight 62 g
18. waterproof yes
19. Charging wireless charging
20. Sensor NFC, Brightness,  gyroscope,  barometer, accelerometer, optical heart rate etc
21. Body  Dimensions 41 x 41 x 12.3 mm

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