New 2023 Google Camera APK for Android 13 Samsung

New 2023 Google Camera APK for Android 13 Samsung with Material U Visual has just been released. The update is currently available on the Play Store and is gradually being made available everywhere. Google hasn’t yet given us any change or update notes, as usual.

However, we have provided you with a list of all the changes, including the most recent Google Camera 8.6.263 APK download. The Google I/O 2023 conference featured the company’s forthcoming hardware and software products. For the Pixel line, the Android 13 beta program was launched.

For you, Android 13 features cutting-edge content. The most recent version of Google Camera, version 8.6, now fully supports Content View and Android 13 as well. Now, the accent color of the Pixel camera app can vary depending on the phone’s home screen background. The dynamic wallpaper theme engine is appreciated. Some remnants of source code from the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones can be found in the most recent Google Pixel 8.6. As a result, the GCam 8.6 is a member of the Pixel 7 family.

Google Camera APK for Android 13 Samsung Mobile

Download Google Camera 8.6 APK.for Android 13

Download the most recent version of Google Camera directly from the Play Store here: (arm64-v8a) (nodpi) (Android 13+). Google started releasing apps in Split APK (Multiple APK) formats with Android 11. This indicates that the app is split up into different packages, each of which contains base and APK configuration files.

On any Android device with a different DPI, screen resolution, screen size, architecture, and more, it helps install apps like Google Camera APK and resolves compatibility issues. Consequently, the package size likewise grows. Before installation, the Google Camera APK that we previously listed was 353MB large. Here, we’ve provided a download link for Google Camera 8.4.600 APK’s 127MB-lightweight variant.

Google Camera Update can be downloaded through the Play Store.

You can get the new update directly from the page below or from the Play Store. The Pixel 6 series and earlier models including the Pixel 5, 5 XL, Pixel 4, 4 XL, Pixel 3, 3 XL, and more should be compatible with Android 12 or later running on this device.

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