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Golden Star Every year on the last Sunday in September, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States. It’s a day set aside to remember and honor individuals who lost a daughter or son during serving in the US military. Annual gatherings and events are held to publicly show respect, love, and sadness for Gold Star Mothers as well as their family. On this day, flags must be flown and displayed on all government buildings. According to, the purpose of Gold Star Mother’s Day is to “honor and recognize those who have buried a son or daughter while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.”


The Gold Star: Why?

The Gold Star serves as a reminder of a loved one who died in battle. In accordance with a report in the Los Angeles Times, families across the nation began to display flags with blue stars to indicate that a relative was serving in the military during World War I. On certain flags, there are multiple stars.

The exact beginnings of this custom are unknown, but at some juncture, gold star flags were flown to indicate that a family member had passed away while performing their job. Thanks to the contributions made by men as well as women serving in service, the term “Gold Star Family” entered the language of the nation.


Is Mother’s Day for Gold Star Mothers a Public Holiday?

Mother’s Day for Gold Star Veterans is not a statutory holiday. It falls on a Sunday, September 25, 2022, and most companies in the US Open as usual on that day.


What Carry Out People?

Every year during Gold Star Mother’s Day, the president of the United States urges all citizens to fly the flag and attend suitable gatherings to publicly show their admiration, grief, and respect for Gold Star Mothers as well as their families. The flag must be flown at all times in government buildings.


American Medal ofHonor Mothers, Inc. is a group of mothers whose daughters or sons served in the armed forces and lost their lives doing so. Each year, it plans significant events which take part on or near Gold Star Mother’s Day. A Gold Star flowers wreath-laying ceremony and an afternoon trip to President Lincoln’s cottage in Washington, DC, were previous events.


In New Jersey, Parents of Lost Military Sons & Daughters Day is observed on the final Sunday in September. This day is dedicated to all the parents whose kids lost their lives while serving in the US military. It honors the contributions, dedication, and suffering made by those parents both on an individual basis as well as through American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.

Public Life

Gold Star Mother’s Day is not a recognized holiday in the United States; hence it has little impact on daily living.


The practice of military families flying a service flag next to their front window is where the name “Gold Star Mothers” came from. Each family member who served their country was recognized with a star on the flag; living family members were indicated by blue stars, while gold stars were reserved for those who lost their lives in the line of duty. In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson gave his approval for anybody who had a relative who died while serving in the military to wear black armbands with a gold star. This set them apart from the blue stars, which stood for a relative who was currently serving in the military.


The US Congress granted American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. a federal charter when it was formed in 1929. 25 moms from the Washington, DC, region started it, and it quickly grew to include connected groups across the country. The last Sunday in September has been recognized as Gold Star Mother’s Day every year since 1936 when a joint legislative resolution established the holiday.



A gold star represents a relative who died during the course of duty during serving in the US military. When carried by Gold Star moms, it can be found on a flying flag or even in the shape of a pin. The pin is given out by the US Defense Department and is not just given to moms.

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