New 2023 God of War Ragnarok PC Release Date & Gameplay Time

New 2022 God of War Ragnarok PC Release Date & Gameplay Time is likely the most anticipated game of the year, and its predecessor serves as a good example of why. A canon-respecting sequel and a big series relaunch were both given by Sony Santa Monica God of War, which was released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in 2018. Additionally, it transformed the most agitated protagonist of the genre into a big, bearded dad who teamed up with an AI adolescent buddy. A lesser game would have failed if any of these potentially disastrous decisions had been made, but God of War succeeded magnificently and produced the series’ finest installment yet.


Naturally, the popularity and success of Kratos and Atreus first journey placed its sequel on the spot and burdened it with exaggerated standards that forced it to lower the bar. The father-son team faces a challenge as formidable as escaping a horde of furious Draugar when you consider that picky fans have speculated that Sony plan to release it on both the PS5 and last-gen PS4 would technically hinder it.

god of war ragnarok

Thankfully, they came back equipped, with new tools, friends, and a dynamic that fuels both their developing bond and their capacity to pulverize fantastical creatures. Anyone who has used Kratos’ Leviathan Axe to smash an ugly beast’s skull will still recognize Ragnarok as a comfortable familiar experience, but by incorporating new elements into its tried-and-true formula, it also achieves a satisfying balance between holding onto what has previously worked and pushed that tried-and-true template to new heights.

The emotional tale at the heart of 2018 God of War was its most unexpected feature. Kratos was the star of earlier games, but in his PS4 debut, he was joined by Atreus, his young son who he hardly knew. A highlight of the game was seeing how their relationship developed; it gave the previously one-note protagonist more depth as a bereaved father trying to connect with his child after his mother passed away.


Combat progressed

Ingeniously, Ragnarok keeps the masterful fusion of hack-and-slash action with more complex, cerebral tactics seen in its predecessor. If you loved smashing God of War enemies from the brain stem to the belly button, you’ll be grinning broadly while playing Ragnarok thumb-blistering melees.

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Returning with an increasing spectrum of close-quarters and long-range strikes, The Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos bring death with plenty of cinematic flairs. Runic strikes that clear the screen as well as Spartan Rage and the ability to summon Atreus to deliver his own particular brand of punishment all make a comeback. There is no justification for permanently silencing adversaries in the same method again when you consider the multiple upgrades, unlocks, growth pathways, and RPG-inspired improvements.

In general, elemental damage is more prevalent, and Kratos shield that destroys rib cages also plays a bigger part. These illustrations just scratch the surface of how Ragnarok improved upon the fundamental gameplay by adding additional attacks, weaponry, character-enhancing elements, and even fresh, bacon-saving companions. The returning formula is spiced up by several additions, such as the capability to cut a tree off at the roots before introducing it to an enemy face, but more significant additions—game-changing weapons and companions we won’t reveal here—significantly alter how you splatter the battlefield with blood.

Better and bigger but still the same

Anyone hoping for a similarly jaw-dropping reworking of the last game should bury their hopes in the snow. Ragnarok is undoubtedly larger and better than its predecessor; it is the result of a game that kept the formula that previously worked while also polishing and refining it and adding a variety of subtle and important improvements to it.




But Kratos isn’t suddenly armed with a shotgun in turn-based combat or working a farm. Like most sequels to well-received games, this one wisely builds on what came before it and doesn’t try to repair what isn’t broken. Most people will find that to be more than sufficient, but considering how drastically 2018’s arrival transformed the game, both physically and figuratively, it’s worth emphasizing to prevent any letdown.

In conclusion

God of War Ragnarok is not without faults, nor does it stand as a faithful continuation of the epic series. But it is a very ambitious, beautifully polished sequel that deftly keeps and polishes its forerunner’s greatest features while meaningfully expanding on that successful template. It’s also among the finest PS5 games ever, a superb sequel that should have fans lifting a cup of mead in celebration.

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