New 2023 GO Battle League Season 13: Schedule & Rewards

New 2023 GO Battle League Season 13: Schedule & Rewards system, which up until 2022 enabled friends and local players to fight against one Imaginary Wishes There are fantastic incentives in the form of themed prizes, and a new weekly cup and league schedule has been unveiled. Days of Battle to enjoy. While the aim of the game Pokemon Go is to capture them all, Trainers Go to Go’s Battle League to compete against others while putting their talents to the test. Its 13th season is now underway. Fantasy Wishes.

The Classic Cup has represented this season’s major change. The format can no longer be found. This, according to Niantic, is due to the fact that “Candy XL has continued to become more accessible” to gamers. For the weekend-long Mythical Wishes Battle The Great League, Ultra League, and Master League are the current leagues. Unlocking Steven Stone-inspired Rings and Rare Candy An illustration of an Elite Charged and an XP You can obtain the TM Timed Research by finishing.

GO Battle League Season 13

On The Day Of The Vulpix Battle

The Ultra League and The Love Cup are the current leagues. Vulpix Between 11 AM and 2 PM, you’ll get a gift that you can count on. Shiny Vulpix They’ll happen more frequently and a greater number of them. NinetalesIn time, you’ll become aware of it. Ember Fast Attack.

Start and conclusion dates for Pokemon Go Battle League Season 13

The Go Battle League’s Season 13 begins on December 1, 2022, starting at 1 PM PT, 4 PM ET, 9 PM GMT, and 10 PM CEST, and it lasts until March 1, 2023. There are several new moves this season, as well as a ton of new cups to compete in, as Niantic detailed in a blog post, which we’ll go into depth about below.

Schedule for Pokemon Go Battle League season 13

This season, in addition to the customary Great, and Ultra, including Master Leagues, there are going to be tons of unique cups, such as the Psychic Cup as well as the Weather Cup.

The whole weekly Go Battle League Season 13 schedule is shown below:

  • Great League and Great League Remix from December 1 to December 8
  • Great League and Fighting Cup: Great League Edition Remix, December 8–December 15
  • Ultra League and Ultra Premier Classic, December 15–22
  • Ultra League and Holiday Cup: Great League Edition, December 22–December 29
  • Master League and Holiday Cup: Ultra League Edition, December 29–January 5
  • Master League and Master Premier Classic, January 5–12
  • Great League, Ultra League, and Master League from January 12 to January 19
  • Great League and Weather Cup: Great League Edition, January 19–January 26
  • Great League and Electric Cup: Great League Edition, January 26–February 2
  • Ultra League and Ultra Premiere from February 2 to February 9
  • Ultra League and Love Cup: Great League Edition, February 9–February 16
  • Master League and Master Premier games from February 16 to February 23.
  • Master League: Mega Edition and Hoenn Cup: Great League Edition, both from February 23 to March 1.

You may get ready with our guides for Great League, Ultra League, and Master League, which include suggestions for teams and specifics on each league’s regulations.

Reward Points for Pokemon Go Battle League Season 13

As you advance in level, you might receive a variety of benefits. Battle League, go The forthcoming events are listed below. Pokemon Even avatar encounters and stuff are available. Elite For trainers who are most dedicated. The Season For Mythical Wishes offers all of the following rewards: Subscribe For all the latest recent Esports, gaming, and other updates, and sign up for our newsletter.

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