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You are assisting Girl Scouts in learning, developing, and thriving through all of life’s adventures by purchasing Girl Scout Cookies. Additionally, all earnings from Scout Cookies are used to support year-round, life-changing programs, experiences, and learning in your community that is led by girls. The price of a package of traditional Girl Scout cookies is $5, whereas the price of a package of gluten-free cookies is $6.


There has never been a simpler way to buy Girl Scout cookies. Directly ordering cookies from a nearby Girl Scout is the best way to purchase them. Contact the Scout Council in your area to learn if cookies are currently being sold there.

Girl Scout Cookies

Unaware of any Girl Scouts? To find a troop or booth nearby, use the Cookie Finder tool above or the Cookie Finder mobile app. Through regional Girl Scouts, you can order Scout Cookies to be sent anywhere in the country.


Additional ways to purchase Girl Scout cookies:

  • Shop with Digital Cookie® at Girl Scouts.
  • Send “Cookies” to 59618 by text.
  • Install the Cookie Finder application.

DoorDash can bring Girl Scout Cookies right to your home:

Using DoorDash, you can have your neighborhood Girl Scout troop deliver cookies to your porch. Local Girl Scouts will work with DoorDash’s technology and team to handle inventory, track orders, and other aspects of the entrepreneurial experience. For availability information near you, go to or the DoorDash app.


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Proceeds from Girl Scout Cookies are entirely local:

What is even more delicious than Scout Cookies? Each package of cookies you purchase from your local Girl Scout stays in the area. Your purchase’s earnings support audacious projects like a neighborhood recycling program as well as amazing outings like camping. By purchasing cookies from a local Girl Scout today, you can support your neighborhood!


By purchasing Girl Scout cookies, you can support the growth of five crucial life skills in budding entrepreneurs.

  • Skill 1: setting goals

Girl Scouts are taught how to set objectives and make plans to achieve them, enabling fantastic experiences for themselves and their groups during the entire year while also helping others.

  • Skill 2: Making decisions

When it comes to running and publicizing their cookie sale, engaging with customers, or spending their proceeds, Girl Scouts learn how to make decisions both individually and collectively.

  • Skill 3: Money Management

When running their own cookie company and making a budget to pay for the activities they wish to do as a troop, Girl Scouts develop their financial literacy.


Girl Scout Cookies Pic

  • Skill 4: Social Competencies

Through encounters with customers, Girl Scouts discover their unique voice and grow in confidence, learning important skills that will assist them to succeed in school, in commerce, and in life.

  • Skill 5: Business Ethics

The values they acquire as Girl Scouts will guide them in their leadership and achievement for the rest of their lives.

Girl Scouts makes good use of their cookie money:

The local council and troops receive 100% of the net proceeds generated by the Girl Scout Cookie Program. The money earned can either be donated to a good cause or used by the troops to fund a project that will benefit their community.

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