Getac X600 Pro 2022 Laptop, Price, Release Date & Full Specifications


The Getac X600 Pro is a hard-core industrial desktop computer that is also capable of playing a wide range of computer games. Its top model features a sixteen-core Core i9-11950H processor with clock speeds of up to 5.0 GHz. The top version also features optional discrete graphics. RAM is up to 128 GB, three solid-state drives, and a 1920 x 1080 pixel screen.


During the early part of October, Getac began rolling out the new Getac X600 Pro series of laptops. These ruggedized laptops are built to withstand extreme environments and are protected by the MIL-STD-810H, IP66, and TPM 2.0 standards. They are also available with a LumiBond display with 100 cd/m2 brightness and capacitive touch screens.

Getac X600 Pro

With the Getac X600 Pro, you can add as many as six hard drives, with support for three PCIe SSDs. Dual card readers provide easy access to a variety of storage devices, while the Thunderbolt(TM) 4 connector is included for fast connection to other devices. The Getac X600 Pro is compatible with three monitors and includes a multimedia bay. The system also supports optional DVD/Blu-ray drives and two additional batteries.


While Getac X600 Pro is available at a variety of prices, the company has revealed the details of the X600’s specs, features, and performance. Among the X600 Pro’s key options are its 11th gen Intel Core(TM) H-series processor, 128GB of memory, and NVIDIA Quadro RTX3000 discrete graphics controller. All of these components offer powerful performance in various operational environments.


Getac X600 Pro Release Date

The Getac X600 Pro may come in mid of October. It is a new rugged mobile workstation that can endure the most punishing operational conditions. The new model will come with the latest security and physical security features, including TPM 2.0, smart card readers, Intel(r) vPro technology, and an optional Windows Hello face-authentication sensor and fingerprint reader. It also boasts a 15.6-inch FHD display with LumiBond screen technology, which delivers stunning color, contrast, and brightness.


The Getac X600 Pro is a rugged mobile workstation that weighs less than five kilograms (10 pounds). It is protected against dust, moisture, and drops and has dual hot-swappable batteries. It also supports legacy peripherals such as printers and scanners. Getac has a strong focus on rugged computing, which is why the Getac X600 was developed for such demanding environments.


Getac X600 Pro 2022 Price

The Getac X600 Pro is a 15.6-inch rugged mobile workstation with the latest version of Windows 11 Pro and an optional 11th-generation Intel Core(TM) H-series processor. The price is still unknown. It is designed for extreme performance in various work environments, including defense command and control and railway track inspection. The X600’s expandable battery and lightweight design make it ideal for carrying on the go.

The Getac X600 features the latest in bodily security, including a sensible card reader, TPM 2.0, Intel(r) vPro, and Kensington anti-theft keyhole. The Getac X600 Pro also supports multiple monitors at the same time, thanks to its integrated multi-monitor support. The multimedia bay, for example, can hold an optional DVD/Blu-ray drive, and the X600 pro has two additional batteries for extended use.

Connectivity Options

For critical professionals working in the field, the Getac X600 offers a range of connectivity options including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and Serial. Dedicated GPS and optional 4G LTE with built-in GPS are also available, while a wide range of legacy peripherals is also supported. The Getac X600 pro price is competitive with similarly priced laptops. The Getac X600 pro features high-performance multimedia capabilities and a low price tag.


Getac X600 Pro Pic


Getac X600 Pro Performance

The Getac X600 Pro mobile workstation is a rugged laptop that is perfect for professionals conducting mission-critical operations. It features an 11th-generation Intel Core(TM) H-series processor and NVIDIA Quadro RTX3000 discrete graphics controller, which significantly increases the laptop’s graphics capability. Extended memory helps it maintain high-quality performance.

Operating System

The Getac X600 Pro has a Windows 11 Pro operating system, which delivers enhanced hybrid/remote work functionality and makes managing multiple tasks easier. The display is sunlight-readable and is operable in bright, rainy, or cold conditions. As a result, this laptop is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions.

The Getac X600 Pro is a modern full-size rugged notebook with a large display and a wide range of expansion capabilities. It has the same great features as the X600 but adds a multimedia bay, optical drive, and significant expansion space. When it comes to multimedia features, the X600 Pro also offers a USB 3.0 port. And if you need more storage, you can also use a second display, external HD, or an extra optical drive.

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