New 2024 GCam APK Latest Version For iOS 17 Beta

Gcam iOS 17Apple was fixed to announce iOS 17 during the annual WWDC keynote event on June 5th. We hope that the latest iOS 17 release has mainly focused on stability and performance improvements with the completely new features GCM.

Google Camera has been at the top of the list of best camera apps for the last five years. Google made Gcam exclusively for Pixel devices. But, Pixel’s default camera app, Google Camera, was enough to impact the users and critics out there.

Next some developers and tech enthusiasts came together to create a mod app for Gcam. Android users can simply download these device-specific Gcam mod apps on their devices to enjoy the features of Google Camera. The Gcam in iOS is an advantageous and easy-to-use feature.

It allows users to quickly allow different settings and functions on their iPhone or iPad. Let’s have a look at the key features of Google Camera which makes it stand you ahead of all other camera applications.

Gcam iOS 17 New Features:

Night Sight Mode

This is one of the main features which are why the GCam is popular. Night Sight mode captures incredibly more light in darker conditions than any other camera application available on Android.

Astrophotography Mode

Google Camera is currently available in Gcam iOS 17, which captures better and clearer pictures of heavenly objects like the sky and stars. It is designed to work only in low-light conditions. Astrophotography mode works in Night Sight mode to take lighter and scene information with longer disclosures.

Neural Core

The Google camera is aid by hardware accelerators to perform its image processing. It makes the camera module perform better in a more efficient way. Pixel Visual Core is a series of ARM-based SiP image processors designed by Google, which achieve the quality of a camera module.

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is used to make a background blur effect. Usually, this is formed by using a big aperture lens on a DSLR which is not possible on a mobile phone. This is why smartphones use a secondary camera to evaluate depth. It discovers the subject in focus in the image and creates a blurred impact on the repose of the photos that are out of focus.

The biggest matter with this technology is detecting the edges of the subject. In focus out of focus where most camera apps fail. There Google Camera’s portrait mode has a great edge detection algorithm that makes it the best-in-class camera app out there to create DSLR-like natural effects.

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