Galaxy Watch 6 Battery Life Updated – How Long Does it Last?

Galaxy Watch 6 Battery LifeHello Friends, Been hearing a lot of leaks and rumours over the past few months. Finally, our wait is over. Samsung has discontinued its new model, the Galaxy Watch 6 series. It has temporarily suspended its Galaxy Unpacked event in Korea. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is supposed to be an excellent follow-up to the series. Its Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic have many features. Here’s everything you need to know about the company’s latest wearable innovation.

Galaxy Watch 6: Availability & Price

The Samsung Company has now listed its new models, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, for easy pre-order. The watch may start making its general debut on August 11. We can quickly get the model directly from Samsung if you want.

Finding everyday wearables at Amazon, Best Buy, or other pricing platforms will also be accessible. This new model, Galaxy Watch 6, could be set between $300 and $330. This model is $400 for the 43mm version of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The other can start at $430 for the 47mm version.

The company may release the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 in two main variants. Prices can start at $300 for the 40mm version of the watch. Meanwhile, the 44 mm is supposed to start at $330. The Classic 6 comes in 43 or 47-mm variants, starting at $400 and $430, respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 2024: Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is Samsung’s updated model for 2024, which was first introduced in Galaxy Unpacked. This is a very familiar variant of the Galaxy Watch 5. The watch is known for its great all-featured display, chipset, and battery upgrades.

Brand Samsung
Model Galaxy Watch 6
Release Date 11 August 2023
Price $300
Battery 40mm – 300mAh & 44mm – 425mAh
Battery life It will last 30 hours with always on display and can last 40 hours without.
Size 44mm to 40mm
Display 1.3-inch Super Amoled, (432 x 432)
Storages Ram 2 GB, & Rom 16 GB
Weight 40mm – 28.7G & 44mm – 33.3G
Colours Colours for 40mm – Graphite, Gold & 44mm – Silver, Graphite.
Connectivity Wi-Fi 2.4+5GHz, NFC, LTE 6, & Bluetooth 5.3.
Software OneUI 5 Watch & Wear OS 4
Health sensors Geomagnetic Sensor, Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Samsung Bio Active Sensor, Temperature Sensor, & Gyro Sensor.

Galaxy Watch 6: Display, Design & Hardware

Samsung’s Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic watches look very similar to previous models of Samsung wearables. So, the difference between the standard Watch 5 and the entry-level Watch 6 is pretty slight. While the last model, the Watch 5 series, didn’t feature a classic model, the Watch 6 Classic bears some resemblance to the Galaxy look and feel. The Classic 4 currently sports a similar rotating bezel. This is essentially a feature that previous years’ watches didn’t have. Samsung wants to increase sales of the Watch 5 Pro to appeal to outdoor activity users.

Galaxy Watch 6 Battery Life

Galaxy Watch 6 Battery Life

This year, Samsung’s Watch 6 devices will feature larger screens and smaller bezels than their previous models. Samsung previously said the Watch 6 will have a 20 percent larger display than the Watch 5. Their bezels have essentially been shrunk proportionally. As a result, those large screens can easily fit inside the cases.

Like Samsung’s previous smartwatches, each Watch 6 currently features a 60Hz AMOLED display. But the resolution offers much better quality than the last generation. Its smaller Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic separately offered 432×432 panels.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic have much higher battery life. This can continuously charge and generate power for a day and night. Combined with this ultra-fast charging speed, the Galaxy Watch 6’s battery life is “acceptably” long. So, a modern improvement over last year’s smartwatches.

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