Full Moon March 2023 Timing in USA, UK, Canada & Australia

The Full Moon March 2023 Timing in USA, UK, Canada & Australia is expected to occur on the 13th of the month. This Full Moon is also known as the Worm Moon or the Sap Moon, as it signifies the end of winter and the start of spring when worms begin to emerge from the ground and maple trees are tapped for their sap.

The Full Moon in March 2023 will occur in the zodiac sign of Virgo, which is associated with practicality, attention to detail, and service to others. This may bring a focus on health, wellness, and self-improvement, as well as a desire to be of service to others.

Full Moon March

March 2023 Moon Details

The Full Moon for this month will occur early in the month on Tuesday, March 7th. The New Moon will happen later in March on Tuesday, March 21st.

March Full Worm Moon

The Full Moon that appears in March is commonly referred to as the Full Worm Moon due to the emergence of earthworms from the ground as the earth begins to thaw. Interestingly, this title was only used by Southern Native American tribes. Northern tribes would never have called it the Worm Moon because earthworms did not exist in Northern America until colonists introduced invasive species.

This moon has several other names, including the Chaste Moon, symbolizing the purity of early spring. The Pueblo tribe called it the Moon When the Leaves Break Forth, while the Shoshone culture referred to it as the Warming Moon. At times it is also called the Crow Moon, named after the crows and other birds that appear as winter draws to a close. It is also known as the Crust Moon because of the snow that becomes crusty when it thaws in the sun and freezes in the moonlight.

March 2023 Moon Calendar

During a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other, with the Earth in between. This creates a powerful energy that can be harnessed for manifestation and release. The Full Moon is a time to let go of what no longer serves you and to set intentions for the future.

The Full Moon has also been celebrated throughout history and across cultures. Some people choose to honor the Full Moon with rituals, such as meditation, journaling, or burning sage, while others simply enjoy its luminous beauty and the energy it brings.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the Full Moon in March 2023, it is a time to tune into your intuition, connect with your inner self, and set intentions for the coming weeks and months.

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