New 2023 (January) Fire Emblem Engage Release Date: What You Need to Know

New 2023 (January) Fire Emblem Engage Release Date: What You Need to Know! In the upcoming strategy game Fire Emblem Engage from Intelligent Systems and Nintendo, we will take control of Divine Dragon Clear. There have been rumors of a new Fire Emblem game for a long time, even though involvement was just revealed for the first time during the Nintendo Direct September showcase.


During the first sneak look, we got to meet the new protagonist and a number of other new characters. The most notable aspect of the forthcoming game was its summon function, which would let players use rings to summon warriors from earlier Fire Emblem titles. We’ll meet a ton of fresh Fire Emblem Engage characters as we progressively start to see more updates. Engage is already proving to be one of the most eagerly awaited upcoming Switch games, even if Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which was launched back in 2019, is still recognized as one of the best Switch exclusives currently available.

Fire Emblem Engage Release Date

Fire Emblem Engage Release Date 2023

Nintendo has already announced the release date for “Fire Emblem Engage.” The game will be available for the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023, in both a normal edition and a Divine Edition featuring a ton of extra content (such as art cards and an art book). The Switch’s exclusivity will surely frustrate some PlayStation and Xbox users, but this is to be anticipated considering that Nintendo released the game and all previous releases that were exclusive to Nintendo platforms.

Even though “Fire Emblem Engage” won’t be available until late January, this provides gamers something to look forward to in the months to come.


Story of Fire Emblem Engage

According to the material on Nintendo’s official website, Fire Emblem Engage is set in Elyos, a continent thought to be made up of four kingdoms that surround a central sacred place (opens in new tab). A thousand years ago, the people of Elyos called symbols to help them in their battle with the Fell Dragon. The countries called upon the heroes from other worlds known as the Emblems to fight with them, and by their efforts, they were able to capture the Fell Dragon. The possibility that the Fell Dragon may reappear, as we heard in the teaser, is unquestionably exceedingly bad news for Elyos.

The gameplay of Fire Emblem Engage

Even though Nintendo hasn’t provided many specifics about the next game and the teaser only had a few screenshots of gameplay, there are a few elements about it that are extremely obvious.

  • “Fire Emblem Engage” appears to feature the series’ familiar blend of tactical, turn-based combat and RPG elements, based on the publicly accessible gameplay.
  • Players will command a squad of characters as they are outfitted and enhanced as they gain experience and new weaponry in a grid-based battle against an enemy army.
  • The camera will zoom in for a close-up view of the action and incorporate some attack animations when an attack is launched on the battlefield to show players precisely how their orders are being carried out.
  • The preview also shows the substantial character interaction and third-person planet exploration.
  • The game’s official description explains how to summon heroes by gathering Emblem Rings. The player can engage with this summons to combine their looks and get access to their equipment and talents. This process is called “Engaging.”

Fire Emblem Engage Platform

Like all previous popular games in the series, Fire Emblem Engage is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. In contrast to PlayStation or Xbox, both of which have started allowing their exclusives to at least transfer to PC eventually, if not directly away, Nintendo has yet to compromise on keeping its finest brands restricted to its system.

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