FIFA World Cup 2022 Top Goal Scorer – Kylian Mbappe (8)

For the World Cup championship and the Golden Boot, Argentina will face France. In Sunday’s championship match between their two countries, Kylian Mbappe of France and Lionel Messi of Argentina were tied with five goals each. They switched places atop the table after that.


As soon as Messi converted a first-half penalty kick in the championship, he took the lead. Then, late in the second half, Kylian Mbappe scored twice quickly to bring the total to seven goals. They eliminate the other objectives from consideration. Their fellow countrymen Olivier Giroud (France) and Julian Alvarez (Argentina), who were in the running, are now too far away.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Top Goal Scorer

THE MAGIC MAN Appears to think OF A MYSTICAL MOMENT! Excellent teamwork by Argentina on the edge of the box allows Martinez to shoot from a tight angle, which Lloris defends, only for Messi to rebound it into the net.

When Kunde tries to clear the ball, the referee checks his watch and sees that the ball has crossed the goal line. There is complete mayhem in the Lusail Stadium as even the Argentina bench joins in to celebrate with their hero Messi. Although Mbappe appears shattered, France still has time to influence this game.


Mbappe gets a HAT-TRICK! He knocks it past Martinez with ease, delaying Messi’s moment of glory!

So,  it’s obvious Mbhappe is the winner in this run with a HAT Trick.


FIFA World Cup 2022 Top Goal Scorer – Kylian Mbappe (8)

Name Team
1.         Kylian Mbappe (8) France
2. Lionel Messi  (6) Argentina
3. Julian Alvarez(4) Argentina
4. Olivier Giround (4) France

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