New 2023 Far Cry 6 Rising Tide Code Xbox One & PS4

New 2023 Far Cry 6 Rising Tide Code Xbox One & PS4 In Far Cry 6, you must locate boats bearing the names of five separate legends in order to fulfill a specific Treasure Hunt. As part of the treasure hunt for “A Rising Tide,” you will be tasked with unlocking the town storage chamber. You must do this by figuring out the right combination of numbers depending on the names and numbers of the vessels in only this neighborhood. This is easier to execute because the boats are scattered over some fairly remote areas.


An Ascending Tide

You could find a house by the sea with merely an orange box adjacent to a yellow front door. You’ll find a note in the box containing details on a cache of items concealed inside this home. Unfortunately, the door that covers this cache is locked; thankfully, there is a relatively easy technique to unlock it. To unlock the door within, you must find boats that contain the identities of all the Legends engraved on them that are buried across the hamlet. Each boat has a number affixed to it that denotes the order in which the entry is unlocked by each boat.

Far Cry 6 Rising Tide Code

Tidal Wave as a Remedy

There is a far easier way to answer this boat puzzle, and it does not even require much Googling. Actually, the cache’s location is directly beneath the house where the code is found. Turn to the left then descend straight beneath the house before it. By putting the characters in the correct order on this Burnt Note, you can unlock it.

Find Boats Based Following Five Heroes in Far Cry 6: A Tidal Wave Hidden Treasure

Behind boat planks, you’ll discover a secret room and many buttons with the identities of five legends on them. Leave your house. The scene and the first sailboat, “El Tigre Del Mar,” are on exhibit in front of the entryway. Go over there to the dock. After ascending the house, you can zipline to the house where the green sailboat is. The above yacht, Papi Chulo, is technically number two despite what it says.


At the further end of the town, there exists a greenhouse with a blue boat perched on its roof. Climb it to learn that it is boat 3, “El Lucky.” On the opposite end of the village, there is a blue house. A boat is also on its roof.

Instead of heading to the residence with the zipline in the northwest, look into the lake. There will be another boat there. Dive in and move to the other side of the ship to find the “Roja Victoria’s” number. You will be able to see this sign. Do not let this deceive you; it is quantity 5 Use caution while diving in to explore it since there might be sharks around.


Return to the house and inputting the correct combinations are the only remaining steps. Tigre Del Mar is first, followed by PapiChulo, El Lucky, Clarita, and Roja Victoria. Enter the storage area after the gate is opened to take the chest.

El Tigre Del Mar: The very first puzzle is near the boat. It is located right outside the puzzle site.

Papi Chulo: Inside the boat, there is a sign that reads, “Not equal to 5.” This boat may be located in the seas southwest of the puzzle site.


El Lucky: This boat is turned on its side and has the number 3 next to it. It is located on the roof of a turquoise home.


Clarita: Another boat is likewise upside down, and a number four sign can be seen within its shed. You can quickly identify this yacht once you notice it because of its distinctive Khaki color.

Roja Victoria: This boat may be found underwater if you turn south from the mystery site. You can notice a sign that reads “more than 3” underneath the boat. Sharks can be found in this region, so keep that in mind. Use caution when looking for the sign on the boat.

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