Destiny 2 Update Today ( Patch Notes – January, 2023

There are no problems with the Destiny 2 Update servers on the PC, PS4, PS5, or even Xbox. Multiple problems with multiplayer, connection timeouts and disconnections are being reported by players. Online games like Destiny 2 occasionally need maintenance. Developers frequently have to take their game offline to make long-term improvements to the entire gaming experience, including bug repairs and the addition of new content. The information about the Destiny 2 maintenance window and outage is provided below.


Update for Destiny 2 Routine Maintenance

December 2nd, 2022 – Although maintenance is now taking place, gamers may still log in and play again for time being. Players will be taken offline at 3:45 PM PT / 6:45 PM ET. The updated update will then become accessible beginning at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET, at which point you should be able to log in once more.

Destiny 2 Update Today

While some games require maintenance during off-peak hours, updates for Destiny 2 begin around 5 p.m. UTC (12pm CT when factoring in Daylight Saving Time). Fans should expect adjustments to their schedule as a result of daylight savings time even if the patch cycle will continue to start at 5 pm UTC.

According to this plan, maintenance will often begin just before noon CT. After a hotfix is applied, Destiny 2 servers typically go offline 15 minutes beforehand reset (at 11:45 a.m. CT) and come back online when the patch is applied.


But when a new season is released, maintenance often begins an hour and a half before the scheduled patch. Major expansions can cause even more downtime, which can cause the game to be unavailable for more than a dozen hours, as happened when The Witch Queen was released.

How can I check the server status of the Destiny 2 Update Today?

To verify the Destiny 2 servers, perform the following 4 steps:

  • Make sure your Internet access is functioning correctly first.
  • Up-to-date information about Destiny 2’s forthcoming server maintenance schedules may be found by following the official Destiny 2 Twitter account.
  • examining the brand’s page on a third-party down detector.
  • examining online community centers, such as Reddit.

Destiny 2 Update Today Important Information

Players may find the following information regarding Destiny updates and server maintenance useful: Goal Companion: During Destiny Server maintenance windows, sign-in functionality as well as other Destiny Companion features on the Mobile App,, including third-party websites may be limited or unavailable.

Twitter: BungieHelp Players may follow @BungieHelp on Twitter to get information on the procedure and schedule for the routine maintenance or upgrade deployment on days when Destiny is releasing an update or undergoing server maintenance.

Breaking up downloads: Before downloading a Destiny update, certain consoles will make an effort to authenticate all previously downloaded material. All prior content will be destroyed and downloaded again if any problems are discovered or the verification system is halted. Please go to our Upgrading Destiny Guide for further details.


Players may be taken back to the title screen using Error Code CAT during maintenance windows. Before they start playing again, these gamers should make sure they are using the most recent update.


Players may need to try some simple connectivity troubleshooting, such as clearing their console cache, rebooting their network hardware, as well as reading the Network Troubleshooting Guide, if they experience connectivity problems after maintenance is complete or are unable to log into Destiny if there is no planned maintenance affecting Destiny services.

Availability of the most recent update: If the most recent version is not yet available to download, players might need to completely shut down their console & sign in again in order for it to become accessible. Players who have logged in just before maintenance will be notified via an in-game message that maintenance will begin soon.

Sheep error code: Players who seek to join a Fireteam that has any member who has not upgraded to the most recent version of Destiny may receive the SHEEP error code. Please ask all players to exit Destiny & install the most recent update to fix this problem.

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