40+ Best Costco Black Friday Deals Canada 2022 Available Today


The fifth-largest supermarket in the world, Costco, is a haven for bargain hunters. The member-only big-box retail business operated by Costco Wholesale Corporation offers a wide variety of household goods, including food, at attractively low per-unit prices and frequently in quantity.


For those looking for a great price on Black Friday, Costco, known for its enormous discounts, delivers. Each year during Black Friday, the retailer is indeed known for presenting excellent deals. To benefit from the retailer’s incredibly sweet offers on Black Friday as well as all year long, you may still join Costco if you aren’t already a member. Join Costco right away to receive a complimentary $20 Costco store card just for joining up. Swagbucks has the most recent Costco membership discounts.

 Costco Black Friday Deals Canada

Is Black Friday observed at Costco?

In line with tradition, Costco will provide Black Friday offers this year. As delicious as their frosting sheet cakes are indeed the Costco Black Friday specials.


Costco gives huge discounts on all of the popular and successful holiday gift products, just like the big stores that advertise “Black Friday” everywhere with full force. However, the mega-retailer doesn’t typically utilize the term in its flyers as well as sales promotions.


As in previous years, Costco will start its Black Friday sales on November 5 and continue through the entire month of November. Contrary to many other major businesses, Costco does not open on Thanksgiving Day in the evening. Here are some of their top offers for your perusal.


When do the Costco Black Friday sales begin?

Costco will provide a month of participant deals from the following during Black Friday 2022:

  • Beginning on: October 26
  • The 20th of November.

For the 2022 holiday shopping season, a second sales activity from November 21 to December 24 might be announced.

Their Costco Black Friday deal may begin at 9 a.m. beginning Black Friday Day, the day following Thanksgiving. Shoppers may access the majority of Costco’s Black Friday specials online.

On Black Friday, is Costco crowded?

Like any other major business, Costco experiences crowds on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. That is simply the way American holiday buying works. In order to avoid typical Costco Black Friday lines: Numerous Costco Black Friday specials are accessible as of October 27. (Consider this Costco Black Friday advertisement and make your purchases early.)


You may fully avoid the stores as well as stay at home thanks to Costco’s Black Friday bargains, which are largely accessible online. For the safety of all employees and customers, Costco has continuous coronavirus policies and measures in place.


Will Costco Canada provide offers on Thanksgiving Day?

Black Friday sales at Costco Canada are scheduled. There will be special appliance sales at Costco as well as other promotions.

Deals for Black Friday at Costco Canada

  • Appliances
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Automobile parts
  • Tires
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Credit cards
  • Groceries
  • Beautifying goods
  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • pet products
  • Sports equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Plus, more!

Additionally, membership is not required to shop at Costco Canada’s internet at Wow, that was nice.

Are there any Cyber Monday sales at Costco?

Costco does offer hefty Cyber Monday discounts. Look for Costco to provide large discounts on well-known consumer electronics, similar to prior Cyber Monday sales. Here is what we anticipate seeing based on the Cyber Monday sale from the prior year.

Cyber Monday Costco 2022

  • Save up to $800 on new iPhones
  • Free $100 with the purchase of specific phones or AT&T plans, get a Costco Shop Card
  • Free $420+ with the purchase of certain Galaxy phones, a Costco Shop Card
  • MacBook discounts of up to $250
  • Microsoft Surface tablets are currently $400 off.
  • iPads, Samsung, and Galaxy tablets are each $100 discounted.
  • Save $60 on select smart watches.

Are there Black Friday TV discounts at Costco?

Yes, there are some fantastic TV Black Friday deals available at Costco. Already well known for its incredible discounts on expensive goods, including larger TVs, is Costco. And here’s what consumers should anticipate this year based on what we saw during Costco’s Black Friday 2020.

Do Christmas trees at Costco go on sale?

Christmas trees at Costco do occasionally go on discount, but there is a limited window of opportunity, so you must move quickly. The retailer releases fake Christmas trees every September, and they frequently sell out before the holiday season in December. You should be able to tell from this how well-regarded and valued the item is.

Christmas trees were on sale for a 2-week period from November 5 to November 19 as part of Costco Black Friday 2020. This lovely, pre-lit artificial tree from Costco was sold out for $379 (or $50 off).

Expect a comparable Christmas tree deal on Costco 2022 Black Friday, with savings of about $50 early in the season. And I would recommend purchasing a Costco tree long before November if you want to be certain of getting one before they sell out.

Do Christmas cards from Costco go on sale?

Christmas cards at Costco are the cheapest you’ll find; they’re even less expensive during specials at Sam’s Club, Walgreens, including Staples. Christmas cards from Costco cost as little as 24 cents each, compared to 26 cents at Sam’s Club, 34 cents at Walgreens, and 31 cents at Staples.

Costco sells boxes of 50 Christmas cards for $13.99 (or 28 cents for each card), and you can purchase extra boxes with 25 cards for $5.49 for every box of 25, or 22 cents per card. Additionally, they include foil-lined envelopes. and 50 cards of greeting. You can purchase extra packs of 25 tokens for $5.49 if you require more than 50.

Does Costco begin its online sales at midnight?

At midnight PST on the day of the deal, Costco’s online store opens (Costco time). Therefore, if you move to New England, you might have to wait just several hours before buying the item you’re seeing go on sale.

What is Costco’s top Black Friday deals?

Every year, Costco is renowned for providing amazing holiday bargains. Although the shop doesn’t frequently refer to “Black Friday” in its advertising, Costco consistently lowers its pricing in November and December, keeping up with other big and small businesses.

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