New 2023 Company Of Heroes 3 Coming to PS5 And Xbox Series PC

Coming soon is the release date for Company of Heroes 3. Why not a couple more months when it has already been in development for five years? At first, we only knew about the Italian campaign and its brand-new, Total War-style strategy map, as well as the CoH-development program, which has influenced many of the game’s up-to-date design choices. The release date for Company of Heroes 3, the second campaign, which is in the more conventional mission-only format, and even hazy plans for Company of Heroes 3 DLC were all recently revealed.


Company of Heroes 3 Release Date 2023

On February 23, 2023, Company of Heroes 3 will be released. On the PC, Steam will host the release.

Company of Heroes 3 PS5

Campaigns for Company of Heroes 3

Players will experience the Italian and North African fronts of World War II in Company of Heroes 3. In the Italian campaign, players choose which skirmish to engage in next on a sizable strategy map, with side missions that will aid them in gaining more territory for the allies. You have more resources under your control the more area you control. Players command troops in the North African campaign as they move them linearly across each map.

German, UK, and US are the three forces that can currently be controlled by gamers. Players will be able to command both US and UK forces concurrently in the Allied Campaign, which adds an increased level of gaming complexity. There are partisans outside of the playable sides that you can liberate on the campaign map and then command to set traps and engage in deception.


Players have a great deal of influence over how they handle their armies on the campaign map. Air units can be sent to scout out enemy territory, engineers can disarm booby traps, and artillery can pound the enemy. As long as you possess a superior power against the enemy, your army has a chance to fully destroy the opposing forces when your forces collide on the campaign map before engaging in the RTS fight.

Features in Company of Heroes 3

Regardless of the chronological order of events, the two campaigns—Italy and North Africa—can each be played separately. While the North African campaign is the more conventional, narrative-and-mission cantered experience without a campaign layer, the Italian campaign makes use of Relic’s new dynamic “strategic” layer.


British and Commonwealth forces, American forces, the German Wehrmacht, and the German Afrika Korps will be the four groups present at the launch. Battlegroups, which have not yet been fully described, and other in-game references will represent other allied countries and commonwealth armies.

Relic has indicated it aims to release specialized customization options to give players more control over skirmish fights, which could build the groundwork for mod tools, but we don’t know much about them. It all appears really thrilling, I won’t lie. The release date for Company of Heroes 3 is all you need to know. For more updates, come back later. If you’re searching for something to do while you wait, read our guides to the greatest strategy games and top WW2 games.

Will there be any new modes, factions, features, or units added for the launch? No, the launch of CoH3 already has all of the planned material. The scope of CoH3 is greater than any previous game in the franchise, featuring 4 factions at launch, 2 single-player campaigns, 12 battlegroups, and over 120 units. To make sure that everything will combine to provide an amazing experience for all of our players, we are taking this time to polish, tune, and fix bugs.


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