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Class 6 6th Week Assignment Answer 2021-  PDF Download – DSHE.GOV.BD! The 6th-week assignment is the last assignment of all classes. For class 6, this week has 4 subjects. As this is the last assignment, this assignment has a lot of importance. Those who have taken this seriously will be benefited. This is the only way to judge your talent for your teacher. If you didn’t take this assignment seriously, it may give you a bad impact. Today in this post, we will discuss all three subjects. As well as we will provide you necessary answer script. So, you don’t have to go anywhere for the answer sheet.


Class 6 6th Week Assignment 2021:

As we have told you that this week contains four subjects. The subjects are Bangla, agriculture, mathematics, and domestic science. In these three subjects, the directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (DSHE) has tried to include all the important chapters. That is why this last week’s assignment is very important for class 6 students. The last week’s Bangla assignment has a grammatical question which is very important. Because grammar part is same everywhere.

Class 6 Assignment

If you understand the question and answer properly, then when you are promoted to class seven the class seven Bangla grammar will easier to understand. So, for your betterment, you need to take this assignment seriously.


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The second subject is math. We all know that math is a very important subject. As well as if you give up any topic in this class, then you will be suffering from this in the next grade. This assignment is based on three chapters named Bijgonit, geometry, and information and data. You will see all these chapters in the next class in an extender version. That means you need to understand the basic which is available in your math textbook. If you skip these chapters and copy our answers blindly, then you will fall into trouble in the future. So, before answering these questions understand the basics, what you have been told to do.


Agriculture is a compulsory subject till the tenth class. That means you have to read agriculture till class ten. If you don’t take this subject seriously, then your grade may come poor. We have answered all the questions about agriculture. So, before answer read it carefully.


The last subject in the 6th Week Assignment Answer is domestic science. This is not a regular subject. But if you read this subject carefully, you will learn many these things which are needed in our day-to-day life. That is the reason government includes this subject in our national curriculum.


Class 6 Agriculture Assignment 6th Week 2021:

Class 6 agriculture

Class 6 Domestic Science Assignment 2021:

Class 6 domestic science

Class 6 English Assignment 6th Week 2021:

Class 6 English


How to download 6th-week Class 6 6th Week Assignment Answer?

We just did not upload the assignment on our website. You also prepared the answer to the question. So, don’t worry about the answer. You don’t have to go anywhere to find the 6th-week assignment answer. We have uploaded it in two formats. One is an image format. And the other is PDF format. We have made a complete PDF of the 6th-week assignment. That means in one PDF you will get all subject answers.


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