Christmas Card Day Images 2023: Wishes, History & Quotes

Christmas Card Day

Christmas Card Day Images 2023: Friends and family start mailing holiday cards at this time every year. December 9th is Christmas Card Day, which serves as a reminder to gather your stamps, envelopes, and cards so you may spread holiday cheer. It hasn’t always been customary to send cards over the holidays. Penny Post was a cheap and common form of mail in Victorian England. Ignoring a written message was also regarded as impolite. The holiday card was created out of necessity by a particularly well-known Victorian.

Sir Henry Cole had little time for other obligations because he got letters frequently. In 1843, he asked J.C. Horsley, a friend, to draw up a plan he had in mind. The first Christmas card was sent via the Penny Post to friends, relatives, and several acquaintances shortly after Cole left for the printer.

At Christmas time, we currently mail a wide range of cards. In a broader sense, the practice of sending Christmas cards remains. We are more linked than ever in the current world because of social and technological media. Even though the Christmas card adopts a new design or pattern, it nevertheless remains a staple of our yearly ritual.

When is the Next Date for Christmas Day?

Year Weekday Date Holiday
2023 Monday 25th December Christmas Day
2024 Wednesday 25th December Christmas Day
2025 Thursday 25th December Christmas Day
2026 Friday 25th December Christmas Day
2027 Saturday 25th December Christmas Day
2028 Monday 25th December Christmas Day

History Of Christmas Card Day

On December 9, we celebrate the creation of Christmas cards. The first commercial Christmas card ever produced featured a family toasting each other, and designs including flowers or images of the coming of spring quickly became popular in the years that followed. In 1874, Prang and Mayer, a lithographic company, began exporting their wacky Christmas cards to the United States. These cards frequently featured children or cartoon characters. Five million playing cards were produced annually by Prang and Mayer by 1880.

Some Christmas cards have become collector’s goods and have been known to sell for a big coin at auction since they come in so many different styles, shapes, and sizes. In 2001, the hammer fell at £22,250 on one of the earliest cards ever made, which was created by J. C. Horsley on Cole’s order. If you want to see a sizable collection of these sought-after cards, stop by the British Museum to examine Queen Mary’s early 1900s collection. Another one of Horsley’s cards sold for nearly £9000 in 2005.

How to Celebrate Christmas Card Day?

It’s always good to produce personalized cards to give out if you have the time. See what you can create by gathering some glitter and a small amount of glue. The people who get it will undoubtedly enjoy it. If you have kids, have them help you make cards for friends and family.

There is a ton of inspiration available online for creating your own Christmas cards, as you will see if you look. Therefore, if you are having trouble coming up with ideas, don’t worry; all you need to do is look around on Instagram and Pinterest!

Additionally, a variety of websites today let you upload photographs to create your own photo cards or customize cards. This is a possibility to take into account if you do not believe yourself to be a particularly creative person. Even though you have not exactly made the card from scratch yourself.

Christmas Card Day Images & Christmas Card Day 2023 Photos, Wallpaper

Christmas Card Day

Christmas Card Day

Christmas Card Day

Christmas Card Day

Christmas Card Day

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