Bluepoint Games Next Game 2023 Release Date & Video Trailers

In 2023, Bluepoint Games will make a game announcement. At least that’s what the PlayStation studio’s Christmas card, which was posted on the PlayStation Blog, states. Four boxes appear on the card, however, only three are open while one is closed. These three open lots relate to video games on which developers have either worked alone or in tandem. Obviously, the sealed parcel piques the interest of the most inquisitive people. What exactly will it contain?


It is obviously hard to determine from the drawing what games Bluepoint Games are working on. A remake for Demons Souls, the studio’s prior game, would be a logical progression to Bloodborne, which some individuals have suggested happening without permission. There would be others who would desire if the skill worked on the new IP, which is a good thing. Since Bluepoint Games is a PlayStation studio, the only thing that is clear is that it is a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Bluepoint Games Next Game

Bluepoint Games Next Game 2023 Overview

Several first-party studios and third-party partners of PlayStation recently released Christmas cards on the PS Blog, among them one from Bluepoint Game that looks to be hinting at a new project. Since being acquired by Sony, the developer has avoided the spotlight; the only thing we’ve heard confirmed so far is Bluepoint is developing “original content.”

The rumored debut of Bluepoint Games’ new project in 2023 is being teased. This tease was covertly put into a Christmas greeting artwork. Bluepoint Games created Demon’s Souls Remake. It was released in 2020 alongside the PS5, but since then they haven’t provided any details on their forthcoming endeavors. A Metal Gear Solid Remake is among the several projects that Bluepoint Games has allegedly been working on in the past. Their most recent Holiday Greetings artwork, however, is in no way a confirmation. This piece of art was included in a blog post in which several Sony studios, both first-party and third-party, expressed their plans for the year 2023.


What do you have inside, Bluepoint Games?

The axe symbolizes Bluepoint’s contribution to the God of War Ragnarok, the sword to the Shadow of Colossus remake, and the shield to the Demon’s Souls PS5 remake. What’s in the fourth, unopened package has fans wondering. We’re currently working on unique material for our future project, Bluepoint said to IGN in September 2021. “We can’t discuss what it is, but for us, that’s the next stage of progression.”

Fans continue to hope and pray for the long-rumored Bloodborne remake despite Bluepoint’s confirmation that it is working on something new. Bloodborne 2 is said to be in the works at the studio, but we don’t recommend getting your hopes up as this is one of those rumors with no substance.


Bluepoint Games Next Game 2023 Project

This gift can serve as a preview for their upcoming undertaking. There is little question that this may imply they are prepared to either show their new game by 2023 or perhaps launch it the following year, even if we only consider the dimensions of the present. Initially, Bluepoint Games focused on game remastering. They contributed to the God of War Collection, ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Remaster, the Metal Gear Solid HD series, and Uncharted: A Nathan Drake Collection. Beginning from Shadow of the Colossus & moving on to Demon’s Souls, they began to work on remakes.

While the majority of fans may be hoping for a fresh iteration of a famous PlayStation series like Bloodborne and ICO, this might also be a brand-new IP. It won’t come as a huge surprise to see Bluepoint Games produce their first original intellectual property (IP) because they have previously shown interest in doing so.


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