August 26 National Dog Day 2022: Top Images, Wishes & Quotes


Colleen Paige, an advocate for animal welfare and an authority on pet lifestyle, created the first International Dog Day in 2004. Every year on August 26, National Dog Day is observed to urge people to adopt dogs rather than buy them from pet stores. We honor these adorable, fuzzy creatures who not only keep us company and provide us comfort but also defend us.


Undoubtedly, dogs are a man’s best friend. Stanley Coren, a major expert on dogs and a psychologist, claims that dogs’ mental capacities are comparable to those of a human kid between the ages of two and five. However, intelligence varies between breeds.

National Dog Day

An old saying that has stood the test of time for generations is that dogs are a man’s best friend. There is no denying that they make devoted friends, and in the social media age, all you need to watch after a long day is a beautiful puppy video. So, it is only fitting to designate a special day for dogs and everything they represent. August 26 is International Dog Day, a special day set aside to honor our four-legged friends and spread awareness of their needs.


August 26 National Dog Day History:

Colleen Paige established National Dog Day in 2004. She is an authority on pets and family living, a supporter of animal rescue, a conservationist, a dog trainer, and an author. Colleen’s family acquired their first dog, “Sheltie,” from the neighborhood animal shelter on this same day when she was ten years old. National Cat Day, National Wildlife Day, and National Puppy Day are just a few of the holidays that Colleen Paige invented.



Numerous canines living on the streets are neglected and undernourished. The correct food is also lacking. They frequently have to ingest dirty water and look through trash cans for food. They are even mistreated.


On National Dog Day, people are encouraged to take better care of their dogs by raising awareness of the issues that they face. Not every dog has the good fortune to be adopted by people and receive access to wholesome food and comfortable lodging.


National Dog Day 2022 Quotes:

Here are some lovely sayings about dogs:

I learned everything I know from dogs. (Nora Roberts)

“Dogs make our lives complete, yet they do not make our lives full,” (Roger Caras)


“I found your paw when I needed a hand,” you said. – Not known


The only living thing that loves you more than he loves himself is a dog-Joshua Billings.

August 26 National Dog Day Ideas for Celebrating:

Here are some ideas for National Dog Day Celebrations:

  • Regardless of the breed, take a dog from the local animal shelter for adoption.
  • Donate food and blankets to a group that promotes animal welfare.
  • Give your dog some time. Play with it, go for a walk with it, or get it a new toy.
  • Post selfies of you and your dog on social media.
  • Inform people about the issues that affect our furry buddies.

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